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Themes, photos, font ….

I have been thinking …..  do I go with Ocean Mist (Pam has that one) or Tarski (Susan has that one) or Misty Look?   I have the photo for the header.  It says it all about the coast of British Columbia.  Yes, it is this coastland, a beautiful part of this old world.   I was heading out on the ocean with the sun going down on my way north.  So far that is the photo.  Stay tuned. 

As for family – the only grandchildren exempt from my rant are Colleen and Larry.  Thought about sending a card to your grandmother, anyone?  No, didn’t think so.   

Keep safe and warm tonight.


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  1. lilacacres said:


    The photo looks wonderful ! I love it.

    I love how the blog is looking too.


    • fromthecoastland said:

      Thanks Pam, I love your site too.

      “We have a mutual admiration friendship.”
      ~ Leigh-ann Harris

  2. Good morning Carol,

    I agree with Pam, that photo looks wonderful. I love the water too.

    You have gotten your blog off to a great start ! I look forward to seeing the on coming days, and that too, will help me know you better!

    Love ya’,

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