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Why a blog ….

Why?   The majority of people are really receptive to the idea, perhaps it is  because of facebook and other blog sites, which makes it okay.  After all  it is just another site in the world of  on line talking.  And who really cares anyway.   I do have one ulterior motive.  No, it is not to promote myself, (I know some of you are thinking that.  I know my family.)  It is a way to have the family connect to Mother.  Mother, Grandmother, Matriarch.  The only person left in her immediate family.  Not only is she the eldest of five, she has the most extended family of all.  Mother, Granma, or Aunt Helen, mom now 93 and in a long term care facility, legally blind, sitting in a wheelchair all day long.   On Saturday, we had lots of laughs over my hair dressing abilities.  Not so good with sissors, but with a curling iron, I rule.

So family, a category will be Mother.  Some of you cannot visit her, do not make time to visit her, or just do not want to face the reality of old age in a nursing home.  Cannot make you visit, God knows I’ve tried.  Guilt does not work.  Only the threat of near death seems to work.  No, I will not play “Peter and the wolf ” with you, when the day does come, you will not believe me.   So — I will leave it at that for the family.  (I can see all the eyes rolling, there she goes again.)

For my friends ~ it is a way to connect with you and to share life together.  We live so far from one another or just right next door.  And yet, we don’t always make the contact – we lead very busy lives.  It is just a fact of life.  Friends are very dear to me.  I think of you often and miss our times together.  For my new friends, I cannot wait to meet you. 

Whether we talk on the phone or comment on the site,  you are very special. 

So — you can read it or not, write back to me or not, love it or not, I am going to have fun with it.

Oh yeah, we are working on making it pretty.

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