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A little tale for today.

It has been said a person must keep learning new things to keep the brain from atrophe.    THEY say a person should learn a new language, a new musical instrument or learn a computer language.  Hmm.  Computers annoy me especially under deadline and the thing is choking on a computer hair ball.  That leaves an instrument or a new language.  Hmm.  I greatly desire a baby grand piano.  Hmm.  It is convincing the other half that we have the space and it would keep my brain functioning.  I do know how to play.  I just have not played for many years.  If I get a piano, would that not mean I am learning a new musical instrument.  As for a language, well, I could take French or Spanish, I have spoken both and lost both somewhere in the minefield of my brain.  Yes, all that to say this, I am taking more courses at UBC. No, I am not a frustrated novelist, just having fun. 

Another day of sun on the west coast.  Oh, watch out for high end vehicles with blacked out windows.  Crazy people.  Absolutely unbelievable with a child in the car.


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  1. Carol- this is good, really good. I may have been the one in stunned silence- no, I would be the one cheering, cheering on my ‘athletic’ friend with a heart and a soul and a lot to share. I love you.

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