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Saturday with Mother

Saturday is my long visiting day with Mother.  After I curl her hair, we have lunch together.  We listened to “The Careful Man” by Fredrick Forsyth.  Mother’s favourite story.  We have listened to it so often, I think we know much of the dialogue by heart.  “That’s sarcastic” at the appropriate parts, we have a laugh at the greedy family and love the ending.  We always sigh with satisfaction at the end. 

I have been bringing Starbucks tall, no whip mochas, fresh fruit and ‘madeline’ cakes for dessert after lunch.  The mocha is gone before I can hang up the clean laundry.  So much for saving a bit to have with lunch.  We have not yet ventured out onto the balconey this year.  The weather has been outstanding until the rains returned today.  Mom is a bit nervous about going outside.  Her world has become so small.  When her hair is curled, she looks like Mom again.  A Nana Mouskouri tape was playing, another favourite, when I left.   With the change in one of the medications, she is more alert.  This is very good.  Maybe we will see some stength return giving her the opportunity to try a few things.  We shall see.

A wee sunset for you, now that the rains have returned!



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  1. Barbara Forgash said:

    What a beautiful day you have had with your mother. Makes me feel good just to read about it. Glad you have Starbucks handy. Pam and I go there quite often. I am glad to hear about the change in meds, that is a good help for both of you.


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