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Mama on Tuesday

Quick visit with Mother on Tuesday.  Dropped off clean clothes early in the morning.  No mocha today.  She loves her tall, no whip, mocha!  More alert now.  One medication has been reduced.  Mother’s personality is improving back to normal.  Oh Oh, the fiesty spirit rises once again.  For Mom, it was not a great daily life, bored, spirit suppressed and lonely.  We are glad we will see that wry humour emerge once again.  As the affects of the drug decrease, more of Mother increases.  This is good.    Here is a photo of Mama, Mother’s Day,  4 years ago.  I will scan a few photos for a time line.  mothers-day-0002


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  1. lilacacres said:

    How hopeful this must make you both feel !

    Nice photo of your mom too :)


  2. Barbara Forgash said:

    Me too!

    I have no later pictures of my mom, so I am glad to see you do! Medication can help a lot and sometimes it makes things worse. We’re glad she is picking up so well, and more of “her” to be there in the days to come

    Winter is toying with us too, lots more snow in the mountains, a lot of nasty wind here. But that does dry out the mud !

    Love to you.

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