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Hello to my brother, Don.  My younger brother.  He looked at the BLOG today.  Appreciates the photos of Mom, and he knows I am having fun.  It is the first  thing he said.  “You are having fun aren’t you.”   Yes, I am!   I get to have you all connect with Mom, show a few photos and wax poetic.   So.. hi Don & Nancy.  I am glad you came for a visit, leave me a comment or two. 

The spring winds came blowing early this morning.  Only 3 more weeks until spring.  The sun is shining, the birds are twittering and a  tiny lady bug landed on the garage door.  This  means  the chick weed is about to flourish.  A family weeding day??  Perhaps.

An artic coast land ~    We had a fishing day in 2004, along the river banks in the NW Territories, close to the artic circle.   Granma & Uncle John cut down willows to sit on, built a fire,  for tea and lunch.  Oh, yes, we flew in by helicopter.  A clear spring day to fish to our hearts content.  Too bad we did not catch a thing.  So sad.  It is another world, peaceful, big sky, vast untouched landscape  and the sound of ice blocks bumping along the river.  Imagine a chandelier tinkling in the wind.  Heavenly! 

... along the river bank in northern Canada

... along the river bank in northern Canada

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