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Saturday ~ a visit and playtime for me.    A new look, a brighter look and beautiful clouds.  Didn’t you just love to lay back on a grassy hill staring up at the clouds?  How many shapes did you see?  Did you have a contest with a friend?  Geri, my cousin-sister, because we are so close in age, only 2 months and 4 days, and I would often stare up into the sky looking at the clouds.  On the dock, on the grass, on Connaught Hill, on the roof, just looking up in wonder at the vast sky above us.  This photo has our favourite clouds, big fluffy, streaky kind of clouds and the sun going down, all golden and glorious.  I think it is a better header. Brighter.  Full of Glory.  And the coastland – coming around to Steveston in the boat on a warm summer night in August.  Pretty isn’t!

So …  a visit with Mom, today.  The med change is very evident now.  She is able to articulate her thoughts and had a long conversation on the telephone with Lorna and a short one with Bruce.  This is very, very good!  Such a change from a month or so ago.  I did not think she was going to make it.  No mocha today, just cranberry juice and her dinner.  After the stylin.. by moi.  (A little french for you, to remind you all of your French heritage!)  I fed Mom her dinner, it was pretty awful looking.  She did not want most of it.  I will have to bring a White Spot Hamburger and Fries!  That will be our lunch.  We listened to George singing hymns again.  When he sang “He walks with me and He talks with me,” Mom had a quiet moment just smiling, then said “that’s nice.”  It is her favourite hymn.  I drank the tepid weak swill ‘they’ call coffee.  Mom was very funny – she told me I should ask them how much the coffee was and pay for it.  “NOT BLOODY LIKELY!”  (That is for your English heritage!)  I told her, I did not have to pay, it was free.  We had a laugh over that.   She was listening to CBC when I left.  A very good visit.   Yeah.

It is suppose to snow tonight, stay cozy and warm by the fire.  Stay safe and healthy too!  Much love to my friends in north eastern California.  And my family too, well, those that read this.  (Yes, that is a snarky snort for those that do not – I am my Mother’s daughter.)


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol,

    Being your mother’s daughter is a well earned much loved title my dear ! So glad the med change is making things better for you both !

    I love your new header photos too. How I wish we lived closer to be able to watch the clouds together – that would be brainstorming at it’s best !!!……..I always remember the sweet smell of freshly cut grass when I think of cloud watching. Back then I would see cloud horses and wish for my own. Now I do have my own, and I thank God every day for them in my life – and my family – and new dear friend in far off Canada :)

    Enjoy the snow, and stay warm !


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