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We have all heard the quotation or some facsimile of the quote .. “If music be the food of life, play on”.. from the Bard himself, Shakespeare.  Music is food to our spirits, but, food is just life sustaining.  Food and Music should be categories unto themselves.   My spiritual daughter Jamie, (I have two, plus two daugther in laws, all gorgeous women), is about to have her second child.  Before the birth, we needed to have a ‘date’ night.  Our date nights are finding great restaurants, enjoying each other’s company and savouring the best dishes. 

In February we ate at La Quercia, one of the best Italian restaurants ever.  You know I like all things Italian!  We sat down with Blake, Adrienne, (very dear friends), Jamie and Sean  to a wonderful evening meal, served family style.  Family style = a variety of dishes, about 5 to 7 courses and dessert.  Oh, it was heavenly!  Good friends, good food and great conversation.  Also, this is one restauarant which serves tongue.  Some of you may be a little quesy at the thought.  Jamie was, but, then she is 8 months pregnant.  Adrienne, not impressed, nor was Blake.  Herb loves beef tongue.  Prepared correctly it is a very tasty dish if  you can get over the fact you are eating a cow’s tongue.  Digressing. .  Sean really wanted to taste it, he is quite adventurous in his food choices.  It shows the character of a man, don’t you think.  Unlike some who have to be coerized with $50 bucks, another story, another day.  Needless to say, Seanie boy (my loving nickname for him) really liked it.  Herb and Sean bond over food. Jamie, so funny, was concerned the baby would come before we got to have our date night.  She phoned all worried, afraid the baby arrive early.  Jamie loves excellent food and me.   So… if you have the opportunity to have date nights with friends, try La Quercia.  A intimate little restaurant with the best food, wonderful owners, delicious, I mean delicious food and great service.  We just sat back waiting for the next culinary surprize to be set before our eyes.  The aroma, the flavour and the presentation – YUM.  (Yum – a pithy comment says it all.) 

Note* you should make reservations for La Quercia, on 4th Ave, Vancouver.

Another day, another story about my other spiritual daughter, Lizzie.  Lizzie is about to have another wee one in a few more months.  Lizzie & Sarah, her sister, warm, full of life and lots of fun on a girlie’s weekend.

As for Mom – Lorna and Colleen are planning to visit today.  The sun is shining.  No snow! 

This is the photo the header was taken from.  Love the light playing on the water. 

..... warm summer sunset in August

..... warm summer sunset in August


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  1. tongue…ewwwww!
    But the rest of your food talk has made me hungry and wanting to make my reservations at La Quercia :)

  2. Lizzie – we will have to have a date night with you and Daniel, too. It is so yummy.

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