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Hello winter again …

Winter. Again.   ….. outside the front door

My friend Susan quoted Dorothy Parker a few weeks ago when snow arrived again in Washington State.  I concur.  “What fresh hell is this” 

My friend Pam in North Eastern California is anxiously waiting spring too.  Her lilac bushes have not bloomed for over 2 years, buds killed by late winter snows.  Pam was probably thinking the same Dorothy Parker quote last week when snow blasted down again.

So far we have just had the one really long bout of snow over Christmas.  It flattened the roses with the weight of wet snow.  At 4 am this morning, no snow.  At 7:40 am, more fresh ‘he..’, sorry, pristine white snowflakes decending upon the earth in ethereal beauty.  Ha!  Right!  I am wondering if the roses will survive.  I checked yesterday, yes, there were some tiny buds forming.  I am assuming this will be over by the end of the day.  Let’s hope the lilacs bloom in Janesville and the roses bloom on Rosehill.  Stay safe! 

You know we have just the most polite drivers who go the SPEED limit on this coastland.  Why, I ask, why!   Either standing still drive at 10 kms to blasting past at 70 kms.  Where is the common sense?  Oh yeah, there isn’t any!!

Now, I thought the gallery was going to be at the bottom, not the top.  I am learning how to insert, delete photos, insert photos, sub text is somewhere, by the time this is published it may be midnight. Insert. Crunching. Left. Right. Gallery.   Seriously, I program the DVD/VCR players.  Really!

POST SCRIPT:  Somehow I have not hit the right button, the other photo of the Japanese snowball tree (seriously)  will not show up by itself on the right hand side.  If I hit hide it stays out of the gallery, if I hit show, it shows up in the gallery too.  So ……  the tree in front of the roses is the Japanese snowball tree, just not a  “most delightful close up.”  (Poor tree, didn’t get it’s close up, Mr. De Mille!)  And now the gallery is at the bottom or the top! When I update, that is it!


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Indeed………my son, who by the way LOVES it here, woke up one day when we had gotten a lot of snow overnight and said to me “What frozen hell is this ?” and he doesn’t even read Susan’s blog :)

    Do they make big warming tents for roses and lilacs ? We should figure out how to make them and sell them. Poor flowering plants !

    Stay warm my friend !


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