Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

It is late at night, I need to go to bed as I did not sleep well last night – maybe 3 hours tops.  Just one of those nights, the brain did not shut down.  So…… I read most of the night away.  Every time I turned off the light, the brain was very much awake, thinking.. Perhaps I should have gotten up and done stuff.  Oh well, tomorrow I will do a lot.  I will be like Scarlett O’Hara – “I will think about it tomorrow”   well,  “I will DO it tomorrow.”  There is a list of “TO DO” and a visit with Mom around 8AM to give her a tall no whip mocha and clean clothes.  Then off to the salt mine.  I will not procrastinate.  I will work hard and long to get it all done. 

With a big yawn, I am off to bed, clean sheets and covers.  Heavenly!  Now that should put me to sleep, right!

Sleep well everyone, I will chat tomorrow.

By the light of the moon, sweet dreams!

.... moon through the branches
…. moon through the branches

The moon is low in the sky.  It is hard to see the branches.  Maybe you can see the hint of branches on the left of the photo.  Cold, crisp night with a new moon or a full moon.  Anyway – there it is, the moon.

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