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With clean clothes in the bag, I stepped onto the elevator to red stop notices plastered on the walls.  Just in case one was not enough to get the attention, red stop notices were everywhere.  (I guessed they meant do not go any further, do not even push the 2nd floor button … but, you know me, especially if I am on a mission!)

An outbreak of Influenza A on 2West occured on Sunday night.  Red plastic posts with yellow stop – caution tape stretched across them usually does not stop me.  The pickled faced nurse did.  I swear she does not like her job.  Or her life is the sh….s, oh, you know the type, nothing, I mean nothing would melt in her mouth.  Long story – short.  (Picture a younger version of Mother with my face, I did my best impression of Mom.)  The clean laundry was exchanged for the dirty.  I also, advised the “pickle face” I would return once the clothes were clean.  I smiled my best smile, murmuring my thanks and left the building.  (You, know – “Carol, has left the building!”  Much like they would say when Elvis left the building.)  All those, who wanted to visit, well, you have to wait for the outbreak to  be over.  All 3 of you.

Now… I am seating here musing about people’s lives.  If a person’s job is so horrendous, why is that person still there?  An expression of abject misery in which nothing can bring a crack of life or a smile to a face, seems pretty bleak to me.  I know life has many twists and turns, both good and bad, but come on, there must be something to bring a smile.  RNs are much in demand, are they not??  Oh well, who knows, a nursing home is not the happiest place on earth.  But, we do have it in us to find something of grace or happiness in each situation.  Don’t we? I think we do.    Attitude….. that’s it.  Step down from the box, Carol.  Now, when it rains the spring rains, I will sing — “I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain……just singing and laughing in the rain.”  The rains are coming and so are the flowers!

... 3 generations, Lorna, Mom, Colleen
… 3 generations, Lorna, Mom, Colleen

On Mothers Day a few years ago, Lorna and Colleen visited Mom at Mount St Joseph’s Hospital during a bleak time in Mama’s life.  There is even a ghost of a smile from Mom. 

Something to smile about that day, five (5)  family members came for a visit.  Whooo Hooo!
This past Christmas, Larry, Mom’s grandson, felt so bad about not being to see his Grandmother due to the weather, he made a special trip by ferry just to see her the next day. That is 1.5 hours on the ferry to get here, 1.5 hours to go back, not to mention the wait at the terminals and the driving through a crap lower mainland winter wonderland.  5 Gold Stars!  A man of great character.  I am proud to be your Auntie.
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