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… cranky day …

Yes it is a cranky day on this coastland.  Well, at least I am cranky.  Not enough done today.  I know, I sound like Mother, she always felt she never got enough done either.  The rain is coming tomorrow, no more sunshine and I am in a major pout.  (Even big girls pout!) 

Perhaps I am in a cranky mood because  of last night.  I sat for an hour with Bev.  She is now on morphine.  It is not a big dose, just enough to make her comfortable.  The unfortunate part of pallative care is the person rarely knows you are there.  Bev has deteriorated even further since Monday afternoon.  Stroking her hair, softly talking and praying is all one can do.  It is the circle of life isn’t it.  I have found several family photos of which the scanner will not scan.  Computers, hardware and software, the bane of my life.  No sunsets today, just a photo of our Dad.  Soon Bev will be with him again.  They had a great Dad/Daughter relationship, especially as adults. 

 ... dapper in downtown Vancouver

... dapper in downtown Vancouver

I think this was on Granville Street or perhaps, Hastings,  since I was just a gleam in my Daddy’s eye at the time, I will have to look at some in the archives.   I have also found one of my Gran and her second husband, Bill Smiley.  He was a nice man.  Not so, my Gran.   She had a cold heart, I mean, cold.  Brrrrr.  There you have it, dapper in downtown Vancouver.   He was a lovely man too, my Dad.  One day I will tell you all about running away from home…… to the patio.  I still remember Daddy telling me I couldn’t use the bathroom, because I didn’t live there anymore.  He did let me use it though, as a visitor.   Hmmm, I still miss him. 

Cheers for a better day tomorrow.  (It is all in the attitude, it is all in the attitude.  Do you think if I say it long enough, I will have a better attitude.  Maybe.  Here is hoping.)

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