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Early this morning, our sister Beverley Betty Stephens passed into the presence of the Lord.     Bev was a woman of faith.   2 Corinthians 5:8  “….. to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord.”  She had been sick with pneumonia for several weeks.  See Monday’s Blog, our day together.  Born August 1, 1930 Bev would have celebrated her 79th birthday.  Bev is at home with her beloved Mother, our Dad, much loved & missed son Gerald, brother Dwight and sister Shirley.  So ends this branch of our family.

Bev married Christian George Edward Stephens in September 1951.   July 2, 1952, her beloved son Gerald Paul was born.  A long marriage was not to be.  Bev raised Gerald as a single parent.  Oh, he was a very handsome man.  Unfortunately, he passed away 4 or 5 years ago.  Bev was a very kind woman who often defined herself as Manager extraordinaire of 2 Motor Vehicle Branches.  One on Broadway and the other in North Vancouver.  She retired to West Vancouver with her Kitty – Jan until she was admitted to Capilano Care Residence in December 08.  It is a beautiful spot by the Capilano river on this coast land.  Cheers to Bev for running a good race here on earth.  She did not have it easy as Majorie, her mother died when Bev was a young teen.  Bev loved her mother, a very refined woman and our Dad was smitten with Marjorie.  Bev always kept a photo of her mother by the bedside. 

I found several birthday  and valentine’s cards.  All with love, from Mother.  They must have had a very special loving relationship. 

Since I seem to be computer illiterate today, cannot upload, insert, crunch a birthday card  to save my life, I give you the coastland and the city view Bev saw as she walked along the beach. 

... across from Ambleside beach

... across from Ambleside beach

A funny story ~  Bev told me about the day Dad’s ashes were thrown off the Lion’s Gate Bridge.   It was a very windy, cold winter’s day.  Yes, your imagination is correct.  Some of the ashes blew back onto Gran.   Good on Dad.  Oh, I am such a brat aren’t I.  I would have loved to see that, but I was just a little girl of 6  and not allowed to go with the adults.  Mom states she did not have any ashes on her.  Very true.  I hope we get to see old movies of things in the past when we get to go home.  I want to see that one!   I know, now I have to repent.


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  1. praying for you Carol! Bev and I shared birthdays….Aug 1 is a good day.
    You are such a wonderful sister/daughter/mommy/friend,etc and I am always so thankful to have you so closely in our lives!

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