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… Sunday & laughter

Ah, Sunday, the day of rest.  Well, for some.  The weather report is still predicting SNOW.  Can you believe it??  This must be global freezing, global craziness or global upside down, downside up.  I WANT SPRING! 

Today I surprized my friend, my very dear friend Jill with a card just before church began.  It was a silly card about thongs.  You know, the kind we used to put on our feet.  The thongs  were shown on the card front with reference to the new meaning of the word thong.  (People of a certain generation wore  thongs on our feet to the beach.)  I can only say there was great rolling laughter, the kind of infectious laughter that chases all sorrow away.  Auntie Jenny, Jilly and I almost fell off our chairs with giggles.  Imagine that, laughing in church!  (My sarcastic remark for prune faces.)   Laughter really is the best medicine for anything.  Perhaps, when I am feeling a little or a lot mischievous, I will share the card with you.  Or you can use your imagination!

A little quote to brighten your day ~

Robert Bly said “A poem is something that penetrates for an instant into the unconscious.”

Enjoy this restful, happy Sunday.  A wee sunset from a warm summer’s evening ~

... summer sunset on the ocean ....

... summer sunset on the ocean ....


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  1. ~~~~~~~thanks for penetrating for a minute into my unconscious xo

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