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… green suede shoes

Wearing my green suede shoes in honour of my Irish roots, well, my inlaws are Irish.  My people are your people and your people are my people.  What were your favourite green clothes to wear?    I made a beautiful kelly green sleeveless dress many years ago, loved that dress.  So…. now I wear green suede shoes.  My shoes – Geoxx, breathable sole, little bling across the front, loafers.  Love these shoes.  (I have an orange pair too, both 60% off. Love a deal!)      One day I hope to travel to Ireland.  The kiddies all want to go badly to sample the Irish whiskey and beer.  I want to listen to some Irish music.  Perhaps we will be blessed to go there one day.  Des, my very dear Irish friend – Happy Day to you.  If  The Quiet Man  movie starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara is on television today – watch it.  A great movie filmed in Ireland.

...somewhere green on this earth

...somewhere green on this earth

Being St Patrick’s Day, it is a day for all things Irish, like Irish writers… Anne Enright, Oscar Wilde, oh, so many and not wanting to single out some and leave out others, that is the end of the list.  I have been reading Anne Enright’s “The Gathering” and love the voice of the book.  Fredrick Forsyth wrote a short story – There Are No Snakes In Ireland.  He is not Irish but lived there for a time.   He won an Edgar Allan Poe award for the story.  Mother & I like his short stories.  Still cannot see Mom, there is sickness on the ward.  

So …. in honour of all things Irish, Happy St Patrick’s Day.  Starbucks was giving out free sample of Green Tea Lattes.  Pretty good.. a little on the sweet side and a lovely shade of green.

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