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So….. there I was sitting in a bit of trepidation, waiting for a response from my fellow classmates to my short fiction piece.  Absolute complete silence, yep, that is right, no talking again,  the instructor asking for some feedback, do you like the story, what aspects of the story work…… still no response.  What is a person do to?  I ask….  In a workshop the writer of the piece cannot speak until all the critiquing is complete, then you can answer questions, tell what you were thinking, how to improve……..  Back to ……  there I was sitting waiting for feedback.  Finally Teri spoke up, she and I have this ability to think the same thing without saying anything.  She liked it, talked about what she thought….. finally the rest started to speak.  Long to short of it.  They thought it was a very good short fiction story.  Just a few comments to improve it.  The instructor liked it very much.  Just a few tweeks.  I am happy !! Very Happy!!   There are some very good writers in this class.  It has been a great learning experience.  I see with my eyes of experience and hear what the next generation is saying, writing and reading, we are going to be okay.  The stories presented were so diverse, so well written and evocative.  Life is good.

Jilly, you will like it.  The boys liked it.  Nicole liked it.  My dear friends Pam and Barb liked it.  So there you go I am very pleased.   Taking the course for fun, keeping the brain active and perhaps, take a few more courses.  I will write a 2nd draft to hand in tomorrow to the other creative writing course.  See what they all say.  So there you go.  Oh, happy night and day. 

Don & Nancy just arrived, they have visited Mom.  I am sure she was very happy to see them.  She is always happy to see her boys.  Mothers and sons.  Just something very special about it.  I will let you know about the visit in the morrow, for those who are unable to visit. 

.. Venice at dusk ...

.. Venice at dusk ...

Another lovely place on earth.  We stayed in a lovely old Palazzo hotel, down a little side street.  On the patio or loggia, we had dessert, watched all the people, the gondoliers, and the sun go down.  Heaven.  Venice is one of my favourite places even with all the comments of how it was 20 years ago, etc.  Oh cares!  It’s Venice.  It’s Italy.  Enjoy every moment you have together, you never know what tomorrow will bring.    ” …. consider the lilies …..”


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  1. Great class report, we figured you would do very well. The silence must have been awesome. A few tweeks are allowed !

    I love hearing the social reports too. So glad your mother is not in the “Hot Zone” and friends and family can visit her. You sure take good care of her !!

    Another spring day today, and snow for Sunday.

    Love from the lower 48,

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