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It is official, it is now SPRING!  Do you hear my happy feet dancing under the desk?  My voice raised in song… glory, glory, spring has arrived.  In this upside down, downside up wonderful world of weather, the sun came out today on this coast land.  Well, first it had to rain.  In the afternoon, the blue sky appeared, the clouds disappeared and the sun shone warmly upon the earth.  Perhaps, I can put away my winter coat… maybe. 

This year we are putting in a veggie garden, something we have not done for many years.  When the boys were wee lads, we had a big vegetable garden.  They had their own little carrots and peas patches.  This year a bit more of the green grass is going, going, gone; making way for the new veg garden, tomatoes and fresh herbs on the balconey.  (Every self respecting cook with french heritage must have a fresh herb garden — well, any self respecting cook should have one!)  Geri, (my cousin/sister) has a big green house on the upper deck.  She is growing fabulous things, just like her mother before her, Dorothy, my favourite aunt.  My other mother.  Aunt Dot had the biggest garden at Nukko Lake.  She fed her family, our family, many friends and strangers.  We would all sneak into the pea patch, lay down flat in the cool dirt, picking and eating peas.  IF we were got, there was always hell to pay, but, it was worth it.  We were brats weren’t we! 

Visiting Mother – today, Don & Nancy took a tall, no whip mocha to Mother.  GONE in 3 minutes flat, no talking until it was done.  As they said, “you weren’t kidding!”  I never kid about food and drink.  Mother is feeling very loved these past few days.  Tomorrow is Saturday – hair stylin’ day.  Maybe I will try cutting her hair.  (Oh, Oh) 

.... a european peony
…. a european peony

Steve & Aleha travelled throughout Europe for a spring and summer. 

Here is a beautiful pink peony to enjoy on the first day of SPRING.  Oh, happy day, the winter has gone away.
Enjoy your spring.

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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol,

    I think I will just go directly to summer…….every time I think about or talk about spring, here comes winter back again………it snowed last night and this morning. Gak.

    Your garden sounds wonderful. I have not planted one because we were always going to move…….I want to plant a variety of heirloom tomatoes……and dill. Fresh dill ! Fabulous. Ok, back to dreaming of spring…….(don’t tell Mother Nature!!!!)


  2. I expect to receive some vegetables from that garden (smiles). Glad you have a blog. I’ll add it to my bloglist on my site.

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