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… a day of rest ….

Here I am on this beautiful coastland day trying not to curse at the computer.  It certainly is not a day of rest when computer software rears it’s ugly head and there is no technical support to be had.  I want a voice, a real live human being who can understand “canadian speak” to help me.  Alas, it must be a day for a lesson in patience.  ARG.  Patience is suppose to be a virtue, correct?   If I count to 10, breathe deep and roll my eyes around in my head 5 times, all will be well and the computer will magically fix itself.  The bane of my existence. 

So….. now that is off my chest, my brother Don and Nancy came for three days to see mother and the rest of the family.  It was a lovely time, really it was.  We looked at old photographs, talked politics (it is engrained in our DNA), laughed and visited mother.   They do not like to be in the dining room either when it is meal time.  The specter of old-age is too much some days.  (Specter – a haunting or disturbing image or prospect.)  They now know to stay in mother’s room with her meal tray, shut the door and enjoy the quiet.  Don brought Mother a venti no whip mocha and was promptly told – “I don’t like mocha!”   After the first sip, GONE in 3 minutes flat.  The fickle tricks the mind plays until the taste buds kick in.  Good visits, but as always the sagging truth of life in a nursing home is the ………  (you can fill in the word or words).    Oh, yeah, her curling iron has disappeared.  Now, who wants a poor widow woman’s curling iron.  I ask you – WHAT were they thinking?   People stealing mom’s stuff is a very big worry in her mind, along with being killed.  Why do people do things like that to an old infirm wheelchair bound woman?  Why, I ask?

(Oh, right, lesson in being patient)  Thanks Don and Nancy for coming to visit.  It has been a good week of visitors for mother. 

I have been reading alot lately, well, for almost 3 years straight all kinds of books.  Now that I am taking creative writing courses at UBC, I really appreciate the hard work authors do in order to bring a great story to life.  The craft of writing well is a gift and I guess can be learned.  I think there has to be a creative bend as well or a higher power inspiring a writer on.  I have been so impressed with the high caliber of story telling from my fellow classmates, (20 – 60+). Well done!  This coming week is the last of my classes until May.  I have been inspired.  Now back to the salt mine tomorrow.   Let love wash over you as you rest upon your bed tonight, taking all the stress of life away. 

... sunset beach on Hawaii w/o the sun

... sunset beach on Hawaii w/o the sun

My cousin/sister/friend Geri just got back from Hawaii.  One of the coldest 3 weeks vacation they have ever had.  Maybe tomorrow will bring a sunset full of colour and glory filling your life with light.  There is a time under heaven for every season.  May the storms of life and computer software glitches be still.  (Or this computer is going in the garbage, I am sooooo… poetic today)


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