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A sad yesterday, my sister-cousin Geri & husband, Ken, have had to put down both of their beautiful Airedale dogs in the space of a month.  Robbie Dog, had heart cancer.  He was put down in February while they were in Hawaii.  Both Ken and Geri had to say goodbye to Robbie Dog over the telephone.  Robbie was laying on Geri’s coat while they talked to him.  Yesterday, Katie Girl was put down as she had liver cancer.  Robbie and Katie were just lovely dogs.  When we would visit they were so happy to see us, especially Herb.  Katie was beside herself when Herb walked in.  She loved Herb.  Robbie was Geri’s dog, such a “gentleman” always beside her.  Katie was a rescued from a very mean owner who had neglected her for over a year.  She came to live with Robbie Dog, a very scrawny, very afraid of noises and slightly under developed.  Together Robbie and Katie grew to be best buddies.  Always together.  It was very hard on Katie these past few weeks without Robbie.  For Geri and Ken, it is very quiet and lonely without their Katie and Robbie Dog.  Our pets are our best buddy friends, loyal and loving.  Here is to Katie and Robbie Dog in doggie heaven, together.  See what beautiful Airedales they were ~

.. beautiful Katie

.. beautiful Katie

This is Katie just back from the groomers.  She has her pink neckchief on. 
I think she is being petted by Ken, I see some fingers on her head.
Cheers for Katie who suffered through a very mean owner only to be rescued by the best owners who loved her dearly, even when she was notorious for not coming when called.  I can attest to that, one snowy winter night I let her out.  Do you think she would come! ?  No way, she knew I was standing barefeet in the snow calling!  Good thing Herb doesn’t mind two, too cold feet on his bare legs.  Ah, husbands are good cold feet warmers.  Don’t you think!
... gentle Robbie Dog

... gentle Robbie Dog

Gentle Robbie Dog who came when you called! In the dead of night, in the dead of winter, a wonderful Airedale, true and loyal freind to Geri and Ken.
Cheers to Robbie!

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  1. Carol, we have so much in common! Our former dog was an Airedale. Here is a pic of her: http://share4pic.com/1854790/the_late__great_Trixie_Wiggs

    She did not have such a good groomer but she was a character. Pets show us how to live in the moment, and to let go. They enrich our lives in so many ways.

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