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You may have noticed I like sunsets.  It has become my little sign off to many of my posts.  How it all started, my mind cannot recall.  Perhaps it  was the little rhyme of childhood – “Red sky at night, sailors delight” which is from an English weather-lore,  “Red sky at night; shepherds delight, red sky in the morning; shepherds warning.”  We always knew tomorrow was to be a day without storms.  

 I just like sunsets.  I like the play of the colours and the light in the sky, especially if it is reflected on the water.  The header to this Blog is off the coastland of British Columbia, at the end of the Fraser River, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean.  It was a warm August evening in our little boat, just cruising along the river back to Steveston.  The light was so glorious, I may have heard the hallelujah chorus. 

I have a couple of very dear friends in California, near the Nevada border, and I am assuming I have this right, the Sierra mountains.  (I looked it up on google maps, the terrain looks mountainous all around their town.)  Pam posted this photo of a sunset on her blog “Under The Lilac Trees” (a wordpress blog).  Pam is known for rescuing birds and animals, which means she has many stories to share.  Check out her Blog.  Lovely little tales.  I always learn something new.   She has given me permission to post her January sunset for your enjoyment.  Instead of a little thumbnail  at the end of the post, I have kept  the original size.  I love the colour and the light reflected in the clouds.     There is such a calming presence when we stop to look at the wonders of creation.   

Enjoy the beauty of a north eastern California sunset!  I hope your day was a delight. 

... Pam's high sierra sunset

... Pam's high sierra sunset


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Hi Carol,

    I am honored that you featured this shot on your blog. I love the big expansive skies we have here – and the fabulous sunrises and sunsets it brings us.

    Love your blog, glad you are doing it !


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