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…dreams & a visit …

I’m back! Did you all have a great weekend?  Hope so.  A little under the weather Saturday.  Thankfully it was a 24 hour bug.  Not a pretty sight.

My friend Pam wrote about dreams Sunday morning on her BLOG(lilacacres.wordpress.com    I hope you check it out!)  This is what she wrote:  “Dreams are plans being formed …”  I agree. 

Another statement I heard about dreams goes something like this … “Dreams are wonderful… if a dream never comes true it becomes a fantasy..”   How many times has a dream become a fantasy because it never came true?    I dream of owning a piano and playing wonderful music again.  If all goes well, it will not be a fantasy but a reality early summer.  Dreaming and planning for end of June. 

Monday morning visit with Mama ~  the curling iron showed up sometime this week.  Wonder what adventure it had when it should have been in mom’s room?  Lots of laughter, lots of memories, a tall no whip mocha, her music on tape and a telephone call to Lorna.  I told Mom, she looked so much better with her hair curled as she was looking like a scarecrow.  “Well, thank you very much!”  Mom had a good laugh about that description of her hair.  She is tired today. 

We had a good visit.  Clean clothes in the closet.  Fixed her clothes she had on, no more wrinkles at the back.  Sitting with bunched up clothes all day and not being able to fix it must be annoying.  I must tell them to stop locking the brakes on the wheelchair.  She likes to move her feet back and forth, much like a rocking chair.  So many frail people and too few workers or too few workers who care.  (I want so badly to be very sarcastic, but I won’t.)  Friday morning I have the annual care meeting for Mother.  I will be discussing several things, with honey on my lips, of course.

... sunrise... sunset...

... sunrise... sunset...

…. sunrise or sunset…
Reminded me of the song  “sunrise, sunset, quickly goes the day….” 
This is a sunrise off the coast of Mykonos.  If the addage ‘red sky in the morning’ is true, this wasn’t the day for storms, just a very hot day in Greece with Louise, Larry, Bonnie & Joe. When travelling, choose your best friends!  
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