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So… what is a body to do?  In this age of road rage, ill manners, no logical thinking or common sense, a person can have a very frustrating day.  Just driving to the post office and the bank can trigger such frustration, a person may want to become a hermit!  Now, I ask .. WHY…. as I raise my face towards the heavens. … .  why do people act as if they were never taught any manners?  Why… do people not have any common sense anymore?  WHY? (all capitals mean a shout)

Yesterday was banking and post office day with a few groceries thrown in so we do not starve.  I was polite.  I said ‘Thank you, I appreciate your help.”  I smiled.  I was agreeable.  I had a shower, brushed my hair, teeth, put on make up and dressed in clean clothes.  I even put on a little perfume.  The exterior was looking good.  The interior was looking good.   Then I had to back out of my parking space.  Looking all around, no cars, I proceed to back out.  A little beep was heard… Okay, drive forward, let them pass.  Try again.  Nope, someone else was backing out.  Okay,  be nice, let them go.  Try again.  Nope,  I sat there for 5 minutes while everyone and his dog backed out or drove to another parking spot.  Finally,  try again, just as I am backing out with half the vehicle length into the parking lot …..  some jerk whips behind me setting off the backup warning sensors.  Now, you know they had to be close to set off warning sensors.  Don’t You!  My interior was on a slow boil, rapidly increasing to a mouthful of words ready to spew.  In this world of hurry up and who gives a flying leap, or you fill in your favourite word, can’t a person at least attempt at being polite or patient?   AND if you see a car which is almost out of the parking space, do not, I repeat do not attempt to squeeze past it.  You may have the back end of a vehicle in your driver’s door and then you will not be happy!!  Okay, I am done.

Now, onto other things.  I posted my first entry to a writers contest.  Yes.  A short story and a postcard story.  The waiting begins….

Friday is the annual meeting to discuss all things relating to mother at the long term care home.  I have my little list.  I am sure they have their little list.  We shall see what list prevails.  MINE!   Of course, I will speak with honey on the lips and smile politely like a nice polite Canadian with a backbone of steel.  There a rant, a comment and a little sunset. 

... Munich or Munchen...

... Munich or Munchen...

.. on a business trip to Germany…
Crisp, clear December evening after  bratwurst & beer.  One of us had a very full tummy.  I bought a beautiful little water colour from a street painter, a talented artist.  I love water colours.
The Discovery Channel has an video ad which I love.  Go to YouTube and search for Discovery Channel: I Love the World.   Listen to the  song – Boom – de – ah – da.   Watch it a few times and viola no more frustration!  Ah, the little things that bring a smile like a sunset, a baby’s giggle and a song.  Enjoy! 
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