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.. 30! …

Today, Geoffrey is 30.  A mere baby to some and old to his group of friends.  (Oh to have my 30 year old body again with the wisdom and experience I have today!)  Steve and Aleha cooked a fabulous dinner for Geoff and me.  We are now celebrating ‘half birthdays’ too.  We celebrate on the actual day or as close to it as possible and celebrate again at the half year mark too.  We love to eat delicious food and have a glass of wine or two.  Always have a great time laughing and loving! 

(Secretly it is a way for us to have a family dinner at least once a month.  We tried Sunday dinners .. did not work.  So… we will try birthdays and half birthdays.  There are no presents on the half birthday, hmmm, maybe we should have the best funny card.)

Welcome to Eric and Lyn who live down under!  We both have wordpress blogs. What a small world.  We can travel across Australia with them, as they visit friends and family.  Love Eric and Lyn.  Eric was Herb’s best man when we were married 34 years ago.  And they said it wouldn’t last!  (Who are “they” anyway?) 

Happy Birthday to our son – the very handsome, generous and talented Geoffrey!

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