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So…. I am not a hair stylist but I did try my best.  Several things I have discovered while cutting mother’s hair are –  cut it wet, use proper sissors, follow the “how to cut anyone’s hair” book closely and learn from your mistakes.  Oh, Oh!!  Yes, there is a slight mistake on the left side at the back, just a little on the short side all over and the curling iron hides all mistakes.  Oh well, perhaps it is a very good thing mother has lost most of her sight; she cannot see the error of her daughter’s hair styling talents.   I asked mom if she trusted me, she foolishly said she did.   All done – Mom had her mocha and ginger molasses cookie (“Oh, I haven’t had one of those in a long time!”  She ate it all) and I had my latte.  Even with the little “oops” on the left side of her head, it looks pretty good.  I asked Mom how her hair felt?  First response was “it feels good” and the second response was “short.”   Even though I would love her to have her sight back, in this case, perhaps a little blindness is a good thing.  Women and their hair – a very touchy subject.  At least the haircut did not set her off screaming like a banshee. 

Do you remember the worst haircut you ever had?  I do.  For some reason the stylist thought I should have a “summer” cut.  Excuse Me! How old am I?  Do I look like I am a five year boy?  Do you have to give me a hair cut for a five year old?  Now – that was the screaming banshee time.  Herb thought I had been in an accident.  I was at a crazed hair stylist’s salon, where I had to wait an hour before seeing her.  I should have clued in.  Oh well, hair grows back doesn’t!  Mom’s hair is a lovely silver shade with a few strands of light brown.  I will endeavour to purchase hair stylist sissors and study the “how to” book.  Pauvre Mama! 

Then I said, “Mom, I think I did alright for my first time.”  And the response was – wait for it family, this is so mother – “Pride goes before a fall.”  As Geri said, “that is one of her favourite statements!”  Oh well, I tried.  Perhaps, I should just spring for the hair stylist – oh yeah, they want a gazillion dollars to go and no one I have asked wants to!

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