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Here we are at the end of a Sunday with the start of the work week tomorrow.  Really, we never truly stop working do we?  Driving into Cloverdale this morning I marvelled at the beauty of this coastland.  There are mountains all around.  I see Mount Baker in Washington state, the Rockies to the north, the Gulf Islands and the ocean on the left.  It was such a crisp, clear day with Mount Baker set against the brilliant blue sky.  Glorious.  Mt Baker is still covered in snow, a massive white mountain.  It reminds me of Mount Rainer a bit.  Another Washington state mountain.  (Since I live so close to the border – I travel to Seattle quite a bit for baseball games and weekends away.)  So magnificent all the mountains. 

Visited Mother this afternoon.  She still likes her hair.  Thankfully.  I was a bit worried she may have a decided it was too short.  Some very kind aide told her it was a good haircut.  Whew, dodged that one, as I said, the curling iron hides the little “oops”  short in a couple of places.  I took her to the afternoon church service. She was singing today.  Good.  Watching the other residents, I noticed how much they all like the music.  Some listen intently to the minister, nodding in favour while others nod off only to wake up for the last song.  So family …. there is a big change in mom’s thinking processes.  We even talked about cooking.  She was advising me how to make  a thick pea soup.  It was very funny.  Mother is laughed a lot too.  If you do decide to visit (I am not holding my breath) you will notice a big change.  Ta Ta for now.

.. another BC sunset..
.. another BC sunset..

Fooled you, put it on the right side instead of the left.  Actually, I fooled myself.  Thought it was the left side.  So I think I am in England or Australia. 

Travelling in London, I looked both ways so many times just in case! I love the museums in London.  Still have not been to all of them.  Hope to go back and see more.

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  1. Glen & Betty said:

    Wonderful thoughts, so glad to be a fly on the wall for your visits to Gramma Mac. Hugs, Betty

    • fromthecoastland said:

      Dear Betty ~ my first comment from the family. Thank you! I know you have been looking at it. I appreciate it so much. I guess the family is too busy with life to make the time. I know their heart. Your handmade cards are so beautiful. Mom runs her hands over the front, feeling the texture. Then she smiles and tells me how wonderful you are. Love you!

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