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Tomorrow bright and early, 4 AM PDT, we will be up ready to go on a secret birthday celebration for a couple of 30 year olds.  The guys do not know.  They will find out at 4 AM they are leaving on a jet plane for a weekend getaway with 12 of their close friends, mama & pops.  Will let you know……  once we land in the sunshine.

Mama’s new dresses came today.  Mom could see the colours and the pattern of the fabric.  It was a good “sight” day.  She is quite happy with the new dresses.  Mama also thinks she is getting spoiled.  That is okay.  Tomorrow Colleen and Lorna will be visiting her.  Perhaps more visitors but one can never tell.  On Tuesday, the care aides had a beauty day.  They were all a twitter about curling mom’s hair and putting makeup on her.  Sadly that was not my visiting day… my running around day through this west coast traffic. Awful drivers!    So…. Mama is happy with her new dresses.  I will take photos after all the labels are ironed on.  All those who may venture out to see Mom on this fine Easter weekend, thank you.  

Have a very happy Easter weekend!  I know we will.  I will take some desert sunsets… have you guessed yet?

.. Sayulita sunrise from the bed...

.. Sayulita sunrise from the bed...

Sayulita is a little fishing village on the west coast of Mexico.  This was our last morning watching the sun come up from the bed. 
(See our feet)
A bit untouched by tourism.  Sadly more people are discovering it.
Fish tacos, fishing trips, surfing, a wedding, best Argentina steaks outside of Argentina and lots of laughs with family and friends. 
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