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Here we are in Vegas, baby.  Oh you know I have to speak ‘vegas speak.’  The boys were very surprised to be spending a weekend away and to celebrate their 30th birthday too.   The wives were very, very happy the guys did not have a clue there was a surprise in the air.  So far, we have had a few great meals, walked for blocks (Vegas blocks are a mile long in case you were wondering) and going to see a Cirque show tomorrow evening.  Keeping the birthday boy happy.  The California package will be delivered on Wednesday by UPS.  Lots of writing and reading material and a little surprise.  You know I love to surprise people. 

Have not seen a very interesting sunset yet.  Hoping I can get something on film before the weekend is over. 

Lorna & Colleen were to visit Mom yesterday, Friday.  Hope the visit was a good one with flowers, fresh fruit and maybe some chocolate! 

Enjoy your day, stay warm and tomorrow, massage day.  Ahhhhhh…..


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol,

    I know you are having a great time – and a MASSAGE ? Oh my ! Enjoy. As one of the California people waiting for the package, I will be glad to see the book materials for sure. VBG ! Oh, as long as you didn’t send me a framed pic of Susan’s interns !!!!!!!! OMG ! Heehee !

    Hugs to you !


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