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I love flying into Vancouver, to this coastland and to home.  Truly it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It has it all – ocean, mountains, green trees, beautiful flowers and family.  Of course it has much not to be desired – too many crazy people.  I will stop there.

Off to see mama, pick up the dirty laundry, curl her hair and CHECK up on how many visitors she had.  It was a holiday weekend and how many made the effort to visit their mother/grandmother?

Vegas …  well there will be a few tales to tell.  I saw lots of plastic (think silicone or gel), 5 inch “do me heels” and the most narcissistic people one will ever care to see.  Oh yes, babies in strollers at 10 pm or later.  Should they not have been at home in bed? I guess I am just too old fashioned.  Babies do not belong in a casino.  Yes, yes, yes I know there are two sides to every story.


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  1. As I recall, being in Vegas, is being in another world. Maybe like the very long summer days in North Alaska………the sun never sets there or in Vegas. I loved hearing about all the funny people, but mostly what a wonderful birthday gift you have given your family ! Welcome home !

  2. “do me heels” hahahaa
    I was not impressed with Vegas when I went to see Madonna years ago. It’s fun but such a different lifestyle..I remember chain smoking older ladies who looked like they never left the casino except to tan.
    I am sure you had so much fun though…what good parents you and Herb are!
    Missed you on sunday :)

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