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So…. back on the west coast after a long weekend in Las Vegas.  It is a whole other world of make-believe, dreams, broken dreams, normal, strange and beguiling people. Stepping off the plane on Friday afternoon I expected to hear the constant ring of the slot machines in the open area.  Not so much this time.  First trip – boys soccer tournament, second trip – a CONAGG/CONEXPO conference and this fun trip for birthday celebrations.  There does not appear to be much of a recession happening in Vegas.  The streets were crowded.  Restaurants crowded.  Pool side – crowded.  Happy to be home. 

Stayed at La Palazzo, great rooms and the massage to die for.  I floated out of the spa late Sunday morning, so relaxed and calm.  I think I left my work brain on the massage table.  Spend the day by the pool “people watching.”  It truly is another world.   Fairly proficient at discerning the enhanced anatomy, actually not hard to spot.  One poor “babe” of questionable age had the skin of a rhino.  Sad.  Several families with little children were enjoying a weekend in the sun as well.  It was a bit startling to see the blatant over the top sexuality and the innocence of children sharing the same pool.  The children were so intent on playing in the water that the overt “play” of  ‘leather babe’  and her husband coverting in the pool did not faze them.  There were more families enjoying the holiday weekend than there were babes and booty seekers.  Perhaps I am coming across as a bit judgemental.   Just observing life.

Saw a fabulous show, La Reve at the Wynn.  Spectacular.  It is a cross between opera, vaudeville,  synchronized swimming, high diving, trapeze artistry and drama.  There was so much to see.  We were amazed and enjoyed every moment.  The Wynn hotel is something to see.  Absolutely beautiful.  The architecture and interior design details are first class.  A feast for the eyes.

.. San Francisco sunset ...

.. San Francisco sunset ...

The best sunset was leaving San Francisco on Monday night. Nicole Hodder took this photo through the window on the plane.   The colours were so vibrant, oranges, reds and mauves.  This photo does show how clear the colours were.

Great Easter weekend and happy to be back!  Hallelucha! (an inside story I will tell you one day)

 Mama had 4 visitors on Friday.  Thank you Lorna, Bruce, Colleen and Larry.  Mom was happy to see me yesterday.  I brought a fresh bouquet of tulips, curled her hair and gave her a few squares of ‘burnt almond’ chocolate. We had a great visit.  All the new clothes have labels.  Mama will be sitting pretty in her new clothes.  We sat outside in the sun for half an hour.  A very big RED letter day as she does not feel very safe when she goes out.  The more we take her out to sit in the sun, the safer she will feel and will want to sit in the sunshine.  Her sunglasses are in the top drawer and the big fleece lined cape is hanging in the closet.  So…. family, try to take her out into the fresh air……. please.

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