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Friday afternoon we drove to Bainbridge Island, through the border in 20 minutes (yeah), through rush hour traffic on the I5 and in plenty of time to catch the 6:20 ferry.  We stay at a great little inn-Eagle Harbour Inn.  The sheets on the beds are “to die” for.  I should know, I love great sheets and can spot the best sheets in the world with a snap. The Inn is just up from the best coffee and coffee shop-The Pegasus.  Really, it is the best coffee and great treats too.  There are readings and musicians to help you kick back on the weekends.  They make the best protein bars I have ever tasted, well, with the exception of Nicole and Geoff’s protein bars. Our kiddies could make a small fortune on those babies. 

Had a great dinner with Susan Wiggs, author extraordinaire and we missed Pam.  Big disappointment, she was not able to come.  Another crazy story about registrars.  Bah!   Oh well, it builds character, right!?  

Spent the day at Field’s End writers conference at Kiana Lodge.  Lovely setting, good speakers, great food, and some of the best advise about childrens books.  One of my favourite speakers was Mignon Fogarty who produces an educational podcast “Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.”  It was worth the price of admission.  Loved it.  (This should give you a clue how geeky I am about words, dictionaries, old addages, and the placement of the comma when using a list of things in a sentence.  I just listed several items.  There has been a movement to not add the comma on the last item before the ‘and’ when writing a sentence.  It is totally up to the person’s preference.  I was taught to add the comma to the last item before the ‘and’ when I was in school.  In college, it was discouraged.  Grammar Girl says it is a personal preference. )  

A little history lesson on dictionaries and the correct spelling of words by the Brits, Canadians and Americans.  I was having a discussion with a friend about the usage of the ‘ou’ as opposed to ‘o’ in words.  For example: colour, color or favourite, favorite.  Noah Webster thought the Americans should have their own dictionary of words. Thus the Americans have the shortened version of words, (also the ‘s’ and the ‘z’ in surprize and surprise).  And now you know too. 

Ho hum, some of you are so bored.  To be an excellent writer, it is necessary to know one’s grammar.  Another great little tip was to keep a journal in which you write down sentences or passages from books you are reading.  The journal should only have sentences you love.  In this way, it will assist you in your own writing skills.  A great line is inspirational, funny, poignant, memorable, witty, or just plain lovely to read. 

Another session worth the price of admission was all about the metaphor.  Great HANDOUT too.

.. weeping cherry blossom buds ...

.. weeping cherry blossom buds ...

Oh yeah, drove home too after a long day absorbing knowledge.  That means I get to NOT drive on the next trip.  No sorry excuses either, oh man of mine!

Here are the weeping cherry blossoms which are now in full bloom.  I will post a photo of the trees lining the street tomorrow.

Oh happy day, sunny and hot on this coastland!


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol,
    I am so glad you got to go to the conference – I was sorry it didn’t work out for me to join you there. And I missed dinner too :( I look forward to the summer when we can all get together.
    Great report, waiting for the box VBG !

  2. Sounds like such a nice weekend…I love Bainbridge island
    And you need to help me with sheets, I have been wanting really good sheets for our bed but am a bit clueless about them.

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