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Good morning world!  Do you remember on March 25th, I wrote about Geri and Ken’s beloved Airedales, Katie and Robbie Dog?  They both had cancer.  Sadly they both passed away.   Now, I have heard there appears to be an epidemic of cancer in pets lately.  Have you heard of many pets getting cancer in your area?  Just checking. 

Geri and Ken had rescued both Katie and Robbie Dog.  Last weekend they rescued another Airedale.  Her name is Gracie or Princess Grace.  The name changed from Delilah.  Come along with me as we watch the transformation of Delilah to Gracie to Princess Grace.  An Airedale is a very, very high energy dog.  Also, a bit of a challenge as they think they are people.  There are some behaviour issues but in time, Geri & Ken will have worked their love magic on Gracie.

.. rescued ..

.. rescued ..

This is Delilah when she was picked up at her former home in Calgary, Alberta.  Unfortunately, she was not groomed and given little attention.  Fed.  No grooming.

In a word, she STUNK.  the poor thing was confined to outdoors.  That is not dirt on her hind leg.  That is correct-feces. 

The first stop for Delilah is the dog groomers.


.. great potential ..
.. great potential ..

This is not a happy DOG!

Looking shy.  Shy-another word for anxiety and fear. 

... sitting pretty ...
… sitting pretty …
Now she is looking  cared for!Transformed from Deliliah to Gracie with a bit of tender loving care and attention.  Ready for the trip back home to Kelowna her new home filled with love and open spaces to run free from the confines of a dog run.

I wonder how long it took to groom her?

The beginning of a new life for Gracie

Her eyes show a 1000 worries.  She does not know it yet, she has been rescued to live her life with great owners.  The best!

We cannot wait to meet her!

.. my new home...
.. my new home…

On the balcony looking inquisitive.

A little less worried.

A new neckerchief.
A new collar.
I know there are new toys to play with.  Pretty obvious, Ken is trying to get her attention.  There is a spiral staircase to the big yard.  She isn’t quite sure about using it yet.
Gracie know how to sit on command.  Geri has taught her to lay down and high five.  A little aggresive with small dogs, just a matter of training to socialize Gracie into the good “graces” of little dogs and people.

She loves to catch a ball, then races all around the yard, not mastered the concept of bring the ball back yet.  Loves to run and DIG. 

Basic doggie behaviour.  Let’s hope she doesn’t dig to China. 

... Princess Gracie ...
… Princess Gracie …

There you have it, a journey from neglect to love in one weekend.  Geri tells me Gracie is sticking to her side like velcro.  Very nervous getting into a vehicle.  Time will heal all the wounds.  Well done Ken and Geri.  We are looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family – Gracie.

I will save the photo of the cherry blossoms for another day.  Going to visit Mama this morning. I bought her a new summer cape for jaunts out of the residence.  Family-who visit ~ PLEASE take her out for some vitamin D, fresh air, and a walk around the gardens.  The rhodos are coming into bloom.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    After several nights of not sleeping much, mind whirring at full speed…….worrying about different things – to wake up and find a GOOD RESCUE STORY, priceless !

    Thank you Carol, you have changed the direction of my day……good for your family and best of all for Princess Grace !


  2. Hi Carol, I love this story about Gracie. What a wonderful outcome from a sad dirty looking dog. You tell this so well. I am not a dog person as you know, but this I could read and enjoy several times ! I’d like to hear more about your mother too, as you take such wonderful care of her.

    Great rescue story !

    Love you,

  3. Awww, what a lovely story. She reminds me of my dear old Trixie:

  4. […] My cousin Geri and husband, Ken adopted an Airedale from Calgary last year, rescued her from neglect and squalor.  Gracie is a beauty and a little skittish around strangers.  She will bark upon […]

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