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Today is a spring day, so beautiful it almost hurts your eyes.  The sky is very blue.  The trees  have  that brilliant yellow green vibrancy as the new leaves burst forth.  Ahhh!  Once the sun heats up the earth a bit more, it was be a fine spring day!

So… today is a day for updates. 

Gracie ~  bathed, groomed, fed, loved, played with, and a little operation to prevent future puppies.  Geri is calling her the “velcro dog” as she sticks like velcro to Geri’s side, never far away.  Closer than a shadow.  She is bringing the ball back now.  Smart Girl!

Mama ~ an early morning trip to the long-term care home.  I brought a tall mocha and a blueberry muffin for mom.  She had eaten breakfast, didn’t turn down the mocha and a bit of muffin though!  I curled her hair, plucked a few stray hairs, laid out the clothes for the day and picked up the laundry.  We talked about Gracie and possibly a new Airedale puppy in the summer.  Mom said “that will be four dogs.”  So there you have it, the change in the medication has enabled her to be more cognitive.  I gently told mom about Robbie Dog and Katie.  She was also quite concerned that both dogs passed away from cancer.  And, what happens to their bodies?  Very concerned for Geri and Ken. That means it is a good day in my book.   

All by 8:30 AM.  How impressed are you?  Not very?  I am not out to impress the family.  It is a hard family to impress even if I should want to. 

We listened to the news and some music before I left.  Mom clutches the nurse bell like a life line.  (I do wonder how quickly they would come if she did ring it?  There are NOT enough aid workers for the amount of residents.)  John, a resident down the hall was calling for “Abby” again.  He has been quiet for a few days.  When mother was first installed in her private room, John would sit out in the common room calling for “Abby, Abby” and trying to get anyone’s attention.  One visit, he was situated at the top of the hallway.  As I passed him, he raised his hand, focused on me and called out “Abby, Abby, Abby.”   I gently told him I was not Abby, while I held his hand.  The look of confusion was so evident.  The poor gentleman.  I have since learned, “abby” really means “help me.”  He says it all day long.  I wonder what is spinning in a loop around his mind? 

I left mom with gospel music on the tape.  Oh, a story about the hairdresser.  I made an appointment with the hairdresser for monday morning.  During our conversation I was informed that mother was a bit aggressive.  Aggressive?!?  It seems with the blindess and fear of where she is, Mother was not wanting them to touch her hair.  Ah, when one goes to the salon, the hair gets touched.  Perhaps, it is just the need for someone she trusts to be with her.  So off we go to the hair salon on Monday morning at 9:30 AM.  I will get a few tips on cutting hair, for next time.  


.. a little bit of spring at the edge of a sidewalk ..

.. a little bit of spring at the edge of a sidewalk ..

At the edge of the sidewalk across the street, a little bulb survived the harsh winter.   And my roses, my poor rose bushes.  Some of them are so badly damaged from the heavy wet snow, I will have to replace a few plants.  Well, more like half.  Oh well!  Spring clean up day on Saturday as the weather should be lovely and warm.

Enjoy your day!  Stay warm. 

Hope for lilacs blooming in the high desert!



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  1. Carol, What a beautiful Spring day you have shared with us ! I am so sorry to hear about the rose bushes. Love hearing about your mother. It makes sense about her not wanting to be touched. And so wonderful to hear about Princes Grace. In such a short time she has given and received a total turn around. And she brings back the ball !! Thank you for a glorious blog today. Makes my heart sing !

    Love to you,

  2. Hi Carol,
    Enjoy the arrival of Spring. I am sitting here watching the beautifully coloured leaves fall from our trees as we enter our Autumn.

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