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To celebrate, to remember with joy, to toast with cheer their first anniversary-Geoffrey & Nicole!  One year to this day, in sunny Sayulita, Mexico, we shared with family and friends, the wedding of our youngest son to a very beautiful young woman.  A sweet, gracious and wise woman married our tender-hearted son, a man of great character and strength.  It was a most joyous time.  Those who have experienced this joy, will surely smile.  All the planning, all the searching for the perfect dress, the right colours, the best menu, the angst and the worry – worth it! 

.. exchanging rings ...

.. exchanging rings ...


“With this ring …..”

Standing in front of family and a few close friends, Geoff & Nicole exchanged rings.

Joseph Cartwright, a dear friend from Dallas, Texas, spoke over them.  His words of love, of commitment and how their love shapes and will continue to grace each other, resounded on the earth.

It was a very magical moment. 


Thinking back, magic is the word which best described their day – May 7th.

It was a day fillled with laughter, tenderness, joy and endearing words.  


Music, magic and the warmth of the sun enveloped us. 

It was so unique by design from our eldest son wedding 10 years ago.  Elegant and casual.  The setting – exotic.  The music – in a word, Santana.  The blessing of parents bestowed on our children.  A joyous day. 

... the party...

... the party...

And the party! 

What a setting.  On a hill top overlooking the ocean, a flower filled “palapa” set the scene.  

We ate, we drank, we toasted, we cheered, we honoured and we danced the night away.

Everyone was wearing white or cream with green or chocolate accessories.  So very beautiful. 


To wear white to a wedding is a tradition in Mexico.  The photos are unbelievable.

The dinner was mouth watering, the dessert divine and the tequila-superb.  A new twist on a wedding toast, instead of champagne, a very delicious tequila.  Hmmmm.  Geoffrey and Nicole planned a celebration.  We went to bed with happy smiles on our lips and tired feet.  From head to toe, a day to remember.

.. the happy couple ..

.. the happy couple ..

We had a vacation, a wedding, a party and great, I mean, wonderful, succulent, tasty food and drink. 

As I said, “It was magic.  It was blessed.”

Travelling to another country for a wedding takes a great deal of planning.  

Cheers to Debbie, the wedding planner.  Cheers to Joann Arruda Photography in Seattle for the fabulous photos.  Yes, Joann will travel to your destination and take wonderul photos.  Cheers to the makeup and hair stylists.  Cheers to everyone who shared in their celebration.  It was the best. 

(A celebration of the other best wedding is next week.)

We toast Geoffrey & Nicole.  Happy 1st Anniversary!!

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