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 I have been following my friend, Pam’s blog-Under The Lilac Trees, (see the link under the blogroll).  Pam has been part of the horse racing scene for several years.  She has the gift of knowing the lineage of many, many horses.  Pam says, “Racing is in my bones!”  And I am a little bit jealous too, because, she met Cary Grant at the track.  Well, that is another story. 

So…. back to the horses. Pam’s May 4th blog titled “On to the Preakness Stakes …..” about Mine That Bird, the Kentucky Derby winner and the usual talking heads.  You know the ones who claim to know how a horse will race.  “He can’t win, etc….”  Mine That Bird was NOT expected to win.  The horse with a heart of a champion won the race.  Pam has written about many champion horses.   “They run because they are horses, and that is what they love to do.  With or without a jockey on their back, they love to run, and race each other.”   How true. 

We love to watch the big races.  The Triple Crown, The Queen’s Plate, and the craziest horse race – John Smith’s Grand National at Aintree, which took place on April 5, 2009.   It is not the usual race the track-this is ‘race the track and jump over hedges and water’- the steeplechase.  It is a wild race.

 That is a horse race.  40 horses and jockeys.  It is also one of the most exciting races you will ever watch.  Several horses kept on racing after they had lost their jockey.  There they were racing and jumping, racing and jumping to the finish line.  I was trying to find information on the race when I discovered another great wordpress blog devoted to horses. Check it out: www.equineink.wordpress.com    Elizabeth Goldsmith wrote an excellent commentary on Mon Mome and the Aintree Grand National.  Scroll through to April 5, 2009 and watch the race.  

We watched the horse race LIVE.  Absolutely glued to the television.  Mon Mome was 100 to 1 to win.  Now THAT is a horse race and the winner has a heart of a champion.  Guess who trained Mon Mome?  A woman!  Just imagine the jockey, Liam Treadwell, first time at the Grand National and he is the jockey of a 100 to 1 chance to win and they WIN!

Don’t you just love the story about the underdog winning.  I do!   I think we all do. 

Now back to Pam’s blog – yesterday, she posted an update on a little premature foal.  His name is Prince and currently being raised by  NorCal Equine Rescue.  Here is a little “underdog” rising to the top.  As Pam says, “he is a darling.”  Check out savethehorse.com 

Ah, needed a feel good story today.  The sun may be shining on this coastland, but, the gloomy cloud of life looking after mother had decended.  Mother has been sick and in bed for a few days.  Thankfully she is up today and visiting. 

Two funny stories – Lorna, Colleen and I were in her room when a man in a wheelchair came  rolling in, just to see what all the laughter was about.  He rolled in just looking around.  Mom asked if it was a man or a woman.  We all said – a man.  Mother, as only Mother can, said, “Hello and NOW Goodbye!”   He promptly rolled backwards out the door.  Ah, Mother.   Two days before as I visited mom, Philip (another resident) was sitting near the hallway.  He perked up when he saw me.  “Hey, where you going?  Where you going, BABE?”   And there you have it, I am a babe.  Well, in Philip’s mind anyway.

.. gold upon the water ..
.. gold upon the water ..

 A lovely sunset on the water, heading towards the  boat launch in Steveston.  The sun kissed water shimmered at the end of the day.

Enjoy your evening.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies.  Raise your children well with lots of love.  It is the hardest and the BEST job in the world, ask any mommy or daddy.


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