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With my heart in my mouth, sweat on my brow and the ABS brakes in full “stop” mode, I had a little scream in the vehicle this afternoon around 3:55 PM.  A bus and an Explorer probably do not mesh well.  In fact, there would be damage.  It was too close for my comfort. 

There I was minding my own business, preparing myself for my weight training session (being pro-active against the effects of aging), waiting to proceed north at the traffic light on Jacombs and Cambie Roads.  I am in the correct lane, some cars are turning left as the left arrow & straight ahead green lights are in our favour.  I am good to go straight after the four cars ahead of me turn left. When what do my wondering eyes see as I am accelerating to proceed through the inter-section, but, a big Coast Mountain bus turning right on a red light.  Yes, I know it is the law to YIELD to buses.  BUT, WHOLLY COW, (my polite term for ***  discouraging word), I believe I had the right of way!  Did he presume all the cars were turning left?  Did he not see me?  Scared the whack, (another polite term for ***, out of me.   Yes, I did scream a little bit and I am not known for screaming.  Well, there was the one time, my darling husband, who loves beef tongue, put a cooked tip of the beef tongue in his mouth and wanted a kiss.  Seriously, I think you would scream too if you were faced with a beef tongue coming at you!   Now, boys will be boys and men will be men.  Thus, a woman has every right to have a little scream now and then. 

On the critter update…no critters of any kind living under, in or around the shed.  Thank You!  The raccoon was just visiting up in the tree.  I believe that was the one time I am grateful for the noisy crows early on a holiday morning.

... azelea & lilacs

... azalea & lilacs

Another photo of Mary’s lilac tree with the brilliant orange azalea bush in front. 

Mary is a dear woman, very kind and remembers everyone’s birthday with a card.  Sadly Phil, her husband died very quickly from small cell cancer last May.  He was a dear man too.  He would shake his head at my rose pruning abilities and decided to prune my climbing rose bushes.  On our last visit together when he could barely talk, he held up his fingers in a scissor cutting motion and told me I could do it.  Yes, I can as I have learned from the master-Phil.

Enjoy the rest of your day on this very sunny coastland.  It is a beautiful spring day.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Carol !!!!

    God was watching out for you today – so glad you are in one piece !


  2. Oh my dear Carol,

    When Pam mentioned this almost thing, I wanted to cry. Now is not ever a good time to get into a mess. Thank God you are all right. When Pam was talking, I didn’t do a very good job of listening, and I guess I thought briefly maybe it did happen. I see you know some of those %#*& words too. I hope there was a cop that saw what didn’t happened.

    I know you are careful, but be more so, please. You have lots of people caring about you…..


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