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Here we are at the end of a long weekend in Canada.  I love long weekends.  It is the short week I am not crazy about.  Just when you think you are accomplishing something .. poof … it is the weekend.  Back to yard duty.  I think I will get a gardener. 

So… a very big thank you to Dale and Bev.  Thank you for visiting your grandmother and bringing your mother for a visit too.  Lorna has been to visit two weekends in a row.  It was a very good visit on Sunday afternoon.  Mom was happy to see them all.  She has been sick with a chest infection and other things.  Thank you to Dr. Quelch.  He came on Saturday to check out some issues.  We are back on track.  Mother is back to her fiesty self minus the mobility.  Still having an issue with male nurses not putting a slip on mother first before her dress.  I know men do not wear slips and dresses, but, common sense dictates an ‘under-garment’ goes on first, not an undershirt, a SLIP before the dress.  ARGGGGHHH!!  What is it going to take, I ask you.  What!  Right now, I am not feeling like a “polite canadian.” 

We are having a raccoon problem again.  The wildlife pest control are coming this afternoon.   Raccoons can be nasty creatures.  Enough said.

Big horse race at the Preakness on Saturday.  The filly won!  Rachel Alexandra beat Mine That Bird.  Looking at the race again, Mine That Bird probably would have won if the track was longer.  He was gaining.  Happy for the filly, sad for Mine That Bird and we will have to wait for another champion to win the Triple Crown.  Ahh. 

..Mary's lilacs ..

..Mary's lilacs ..

I am very fortunate to have neighbours who have wonderful flowering trees and bushes.  Mary who lives across the street has a lovely lilac tree.  Just in front of the tree is a brilliant orange azalea bush.

Beautiful.  The scent is heady, love it.

Enjoy your day on this coastland or where ever you live.   

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the raccoon is about to move.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol,

    I am glad your mom is doing better.

    Raccoon ? OMG I absolutely HATE those things ! Having been nose to nose with one who was intent on ripping my chicken house open and eating my tiny Serema chickens……….eeeeeeeeeeeee. Good for you getting the pest folk to take it away. I think they are beautiful animals, but they do not mix with housing or pets !

    Enjoy the day ! Your lilac photo is beautiful too ! I am glad you have some close by to enjoy !


  2. This is a good day as both mothers are doing better !!! I know, because I am one of them ! I think I have joined the living. This back surgery was a bigger deal than I expected, lots of ouchies. I like it that you girls put up pictures of the lilacs. I have none, but I can enjoy the ones across the road too as well as across the miles !
    I ran into this male thing in the hospital. He was trying to put an EKG lead on my (ahem) chest, without looking under the sheet. Swell. Out here in the country I fear a bunch of the girls/ladies here might not know what a slip is. I do have a couple of petticoats, long, short, black & white.
    Enjoy the weather, and hug you for me !

    • fromthecoastland said:

      Oh Barb! You are so right. A slip or petticoat is not a hot item in the lingerie departments. Being of a certain age, (over 50), I grew up wearing one under all my skirts or dresses. Mother was very big on have the proper undergarments. My all time favourite slip was a white silk slip cut on the bias. Actually I still have it. Very shi-shi, phoof, phoof! I felt like a princess when I wore it.

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