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So … visit with mom yesterday was full of laughter and I brought her a new drink “iced tall no whip mocha” with some fresh fruit.  I thought the “tall no whip mocha” disappeared quickly.  The iced drink was even faster, gone in a flash.  We had a very good visit while I was curling mom’s hair.  Mom enjoyed Dale and Bev’s visit on mother’s day weekend.  She has repeatedly said, “it made my day.”  A little visit from the grandchildren and her grown children means so much to her.  A little bit of confusion as well.  She seems to think the staff put her slip on another lady.  Not so, but, if that is the only confusion she has then we are all doing well.  I had turned the radio on to CBC for an afternoon of classical music.  Mom was listening to one of the masters when I left.  A very good visit and I took home a pile of laundry. 

On the Gracie update – Geri and Ken’s airedale.  Here is a photo of Gracie with her new toy.

.. new toy for a sweet girl ..

.. new toy for a sweet girl ..

Gracie looks like such a good dog and has aclimatized to her new home quite well.  She loves to make her presence known to one and all and to help Geri garden.  A new garden pot makes a great toy.

Ken and Geri traveled  back to Calgary for Gracie to meet the rest of the family.  Gracie was “excellent with the little ones as well as the adults.”  A bit nervous on the way to Calgary as the last big trip in a kennel, Gracie ended up in a new home.  Geri says she was so very happy when they got back home to Kelowna.  While in Calgary, they saw the new airedale puppies.  As there were no male’s available Ken and Geri agreed to take a female puppy.  Then Geri saw Harry Potter, Robbie doggies’ nephew.  Geri was in tears as you know, Robbie was her best buddy.  They changed their mind and really wanted to have another male instead of 2 females.  So.. as luck would have it, a customer changed their mind about having a male and now they will be picking up the little  male airedale puppy later this year.  Geri is very happy. 

Now onto the critter report — on Sunday afternoon Sweetie, the tuxedo tabby we have adopted and I were having a quiet lunch in the sun when she ran over to the end looking at something.  It got my curiousity  up… there it was a skunk.  Just what a city dweller needs, a skunk slipping into a hole under the shed.  A skunk does not look exactly like Pepe La Phew from the cartoons and I am sure they smell like Pepe though.  Yesterday the wildlife control guy came to screen off the shed on all sides and set a trap for the stinky thing.  Today he came to check out the situation.  No skunk activity.  YEAH.  Thank you!  Now I am glad Sweetie is here.  She earned her keep.  Sweetie certainly had an uneventful life until she came to live with us.  Now she is outside on the balcony, chasing any cat away that dares to step onto the property, watching the birds and casing the joint for wildlife.

Tomorrow a story about peas.


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  1. That picture of Gracie is perfect. You know I am not a dog fancier, but after seeing that picture, hmm, a change of heart? nah ! I treasure the stories about your mom. How lovely a lady she is. She must take after you!
    Interesting the wild animal stories you have to share with us. Sweetie certainly did earn her keep. That was such a pretty setting, and then ….. wow. I thought you lived in the city : -) You write great stories.

    Love to Sweetie and oh yes, and to you too !

  2. Barb – we do live in the city, right on the edge with the farmland across the highway. I would like the critters to stay over there close to the river and the wonders of nature. Unfortunately raccoons and skunk think they should share with us. Oh well.

    Rest and get well.

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