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Everyone who hears this story tells me I must share it with you.  It really is a very funny story, about a slight faux pas.  Steve, our handsome son,  teacher and coach at a private school in Vancouver was in Victoria a few weeks ago with the girls soccer team and the counselor.   Steve is very passionate about food, cooking food, experimenting with food and wines and making great dinners for his wife and family gatherings.  He has the touch. 

So.. there they were, the team, the coach and the counselor enjoying a great pasta meal at the Macaroni Grill after a hard day on the soccer field.  I believe they won as they are now at the BC Provincials.  As always the subject turns to food.  While talking about pasta recipes, it became clear one recipe with fresh peas is a favourite.  Steve being the great home chef that he is, begins to wax poetic about how he prepares pasta with a cream sauce, pancetta and peas.  He likes to have fresh shelled peas straight from the market.  (They live very close to Granville Island where some of the very best produce in the lower mainland can be found.) 

Steve is very animated when he speaks about food.  The textures and the taste of each ingredient.  The colours and the flavours.  The presentation.  As he continued on describing how the pasta should be – al dente, the sauce –  just perfect, the pancetta  are all in the dish and the last ingredient are the peas.  Fresh peas tossed into the hot pasta at the end. 

Steve said, “And you get all the flavours and the crunchy pea-ness taste.”  Silence as only a table full of teenage girls can be for a mere second.  Steve realizing what he just said burst in laughter as did all the rest.  He laughed so hard his sides hurt.  He could not believe he had made an adjective which sounds like a part of the male anatomy.  They all laughed so hard other patrons were looking over for signs of what was so funny.  Apologies and laughter.  As Geoff states when one says the word, people five tables over stop and ask what did you just say.   Ah… there you have it a tale about pasta and peas.  We still laugh about it today.  A little laughter is like medicine even at the expense of Steve’s faux pas. 

.. Australian sunset ..
.. Australian sunset ..

 Lyn and Eric have been traveling across Australia with friends.  Lyn, a great photographer and writer is posting a journal of their travels.

Click onto the link “Tassie Wanderers” and follow  along as they travel to Perth.

It must be such a fascinating country to see.   One day.   Yes, Lyn, we have said it many times.  One day we will finally get there.  Can you do the trip  again with us?  Maybe we get Steve and Audrey to come too.  Oh, the laughter would be raucous.

This old world has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.  Another day I will post the Tasmanian sunrise Lyn sent me.  

Cheers everyone!  Have a laugh or two today.  It is good for the soul. 

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  1. lilacacres said:

    How absolutely PRICELESS !

    Still laughing with you :)


  2. aha………..the pea-ness………………..what can I say ?~~~~~~~~~~~

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