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This is summer weather… don’t you agree?  Let’s hope we do not have a summer in June then go back to rainy weather for July and August.  Then again, it is an upside down, downside up world of weather lately. 

Mama is doing well, as expected.  Have been to visit several days in a row.  I stayed for the dinner hour on Monday,  we called Sharon, (younger sister).  Mom had not talked with her in quite a while.  They had a good conversation.  Again, the change in the meds has made a difference in her countenance and thinking abilities.  Good.  Good. 

Critter report:  no more dead animals, no more live animals, just the squirrels and the birds.  This is good too.

Busy with work, busy with the garden planning and now cleaning.  Ah, what is a body to do without help.  We still have work coming in, this is good too.  So…. carry on people and a little visit to grandma would be nice.  Or should I be phoning each of you to talk with her? 

... Tassie sunrise ...

... Tassie sunrise ...

As promised, the tassie sunrise taken by Jim, Lyn & Eric’s neighbour.

Beautiful colours.  Love the golden light rising up to meet the day.  I have been awake early this week.  Unfortunately the sunrise in the mornings  have not been this spectacular.

Enjoy your evening.  

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