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… a big ride …

There are some causes in life which require your full attention.   The cause – The RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER.  Cancer, the very word causes fear and anxiety. 

We all know someone who has survived cancer and someone who is fighting for their life right now.  Too many friends, too many relatives have fought the disease and lost.  Several have survived.  Aunt Dot, my very favourite aunt in the whole world, (I know I sound like a little girl), had breast cancer shortly after my uncle passed away.  Now that is a low blow!  Thankfully Aunt Dot survived for over 25 years.  The cancer never returned.  My sweet aunt passed away two years ago and I still miss her.  She was a gardener extraordinaire.  A gentle spirit.  My aunt Ethel and uncle Ron both lost their fight with cancer.  Herb is a cancer survivor, two and half years free from the dreaded disease.  How does one get to be a survivor and another lose the battle?  Life is just not fair when bad things happen to good people.

Last Sunday, Herb just decided to be a participant in the big ride.  I have had to scramble to raise funds.  We are blown away by the response from people.  The goal has been reached within 5 days.  Hallelujah.  We are so grateful to those who gave so willingly.  Last night we were $50.00 short.  Mom has contributed the last $50.00.  “Way to go Mom!” 

Today, he is off training with the other “riders” on his first long ride with a group of people.  He is doing this to challenge himself as well has help to find a cure.  Many of you know, he cycles every Sunday from home to Stanley Park, around the park, over to Granville Island, down to the new convention center and often finishes on Commercial Drive.  That is where I come in.  We stop for a bite at Havana’s or Nick’s or back over to 4th Avenue or back home.  (I can cook!)  Hmmm, good food in Vancouver.  If he is not working, this has been his routine for over 3 years.  The “BIG RIDE” should be easy, right!  Hope so.  I’m going to buy “butt balm” today.  “Butt balm???”  Apparently there can be chaffing on the BIG RIDE from downtown Vancouver to downtown Seattle.  Two days ride, tent city on Saturday night and the big push to arrive in Seattle on Sunday.  We will be there to cheer him on.  Proud as peacocks!

Susan Wiggs, friend and writer, posts photo slide shows on her blog, (check out Susan Wiggs in the Blogroll,  read her books, say nice things to her, she is a love) has directed me to the free software.  I will attempt my first photo video all about the “BIG RIDE.”

In the summer of 2006, Aleha was an intern in Ottawa.  As part of her masters degree, she applied for an internship and got it.  Steve & Aleha spent over 3 months in our fair capital. 

... a warm summer's eve ...
… a warm summer’s eve …

On our visit, Herb fell in love with the city of Ottawa.  He especially loved the canal and all the bike trails.  It is a very bike friendly city.  Of course, we rented 2 bikes for the week.  Of course, my head was on fire by the time the ride was over.  Of course, it was very humid, very hot, and very sweaty.  

In Old Town I found my french relatives (mom’s side) businesses.  Same street, one shop between them.  Aubrey Meats and Lapointe’s Fish market.  The relatives no longer own the shops.  They would have been uncles to mom’s parents.  Both sides of the family on one street.  It was quite delightful to see the shops.  I took a photo for the family tree. 

As you can see, Herb was having the time of life that summer, riding the canal with Steve, all the sightseeing and dinners with Steve & Aleha.  A very good summer holiday. 

Off to see mom later today, it is Saturday, bath and hair day.  Need to drop off clean laundry, pick up the soiled and curl her hair.  Plus bring her a “mocha” and some fruit. 

This afternoon I have a baby shower to go to.  The little guy will be one of 9 babies this year.  It is the year of the babies.  Whew… just thinking about all that labour!!

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