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So… the big ride training day for Herb was successful.  He arrived early before anyone else, he wanted a good parking spot.  Three riders had organized the 80 kms ride, one for each group, fast, medium speed and slow speed.  Herb went with the fast group and lost them around 264 Avenue, which is amazing as they started off at Crescent Beach.  He cycled onto the Abbotsford Airport and turned around to head back.  He caught up to the slow group which had turned around before the Abbotsford Airport and traveled back with the group.  I think he did really well considering he never cycles non-stop for 80 kms.  He tends to stop, have a coffee, watch some people, update his weekly book, ride off again and stops, has lunch, watches people …. you get the drift.

“Riders” of a certain calibre are decked out in some pretty “swish” gear.  The bike shorts, the bike jersey, the cotton socks, special bike shoes, the clips in the pedals, you know the “serious rider” gear is de rigueur.

Picture this in your mind – bike riding shorts under baggy shorts, his Eddie Bauer short sleeve, buttons down the front shirt, his black socks and of course, his boot type, good support atheletic shoes.  Of course, he has some very expensive bike sun glasses.  I asked him what the reaction was to his “outfit” and how many eyes were rolling in their heads.  “I don’t know, they all had sun glasses on.”  We had a good laugh.  He has the gear but likes to be a bit of a rebel against fashion.  In other words, he does not care.  On Big Ride day, he will be looking like the rest of the riders.  Too funny!!   He is a little sore right now.  Resting comfortably with advil on hand.  Poor baby, I am making a nice pasta dinner for him, minus the peas.

On the mama front, sitting pretty in her blue dress and sweater, finished the iced mocha in record time.  Is there any doubt?  Hair all wavy and curled, ready for Sunday. 

On the baby shower front … so many presents the little guy will be stylin’ for years to come.

.. double sunrise for tomorrow ..

.. double sunrise for tomorrow ..


Here is a double sunrise from Australia, just in time for Sunday morning.   Thanks Lyn!


Enjoy your evening.

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