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.. a beautiful tree ..

For some it may be difficult to envision the mature garden landscape when choosing trees for a front garden.   It can be daunting to choose a tree for texture, size, shape, and if the tree flowers,  adding more colour to your garden.  I like the crispness of white flowers and a glossy green leaf.  Over twenty years ago, I planted a Styrax japonica or Japanese snow bell tree in the front garden.  I often call it a snowball instead of snow bell, just a quirk I have.  It is a beautiful tree.  In the winter, without the foliage, the branches are stark against the grey sky.  Or on this coastland, damp and dripping from all the rain. 

The heavy, wet covering of snow last winter killed the little Japanese maple tree.  A sad little moment digging it up.   Several of the shrub rose bushes did not fare very well.  The ornamental weeping cherry tree always survives, bursting forth with pink blossoms just in time, sweeping winter doldrums away.  Thankfully my favourite tree has survived and thrived.  I spent hours pouring through “The Gardener’s Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers” looking for the perfect tree to replace a city tree. The ugliest, disease ridden, mess of a tree chosen by someone else and planted in my garden space.  Oh, horrors!

My tree is a beautiful Japanese snow bell tree.  Of medium height, it grows slowly, developing into a spreading tree with the most fragrant white, bell-shaped flowers.  I love to look at it, to smell the sweet scent and watch the bumblebees fly from blossom to blossom just doing their thing.  Perhaps you think – “boring, boring.”   I get tremendous satisfaction knowing that I chose the right tree for the garden.  All the hours spent researching has proven to be worth it all. 

In the winter, I posted a photo of the stark branches on a very grey morning.  Today, you need scratch and sniff to get the fragrance of the blossoms.  Alas, that technology has not been invented yet.  A photo doesn’t allow us to feel the texture or smell perfume.  Too bad.  Much like having a lilac tree without the heady fragrance.  We know it smells wonderful.  So use your imagination, breathe deeply when you look at my tree.  It is a beautiful tree.

.. fragrant snowbells ..

.. fragrant snowbells ..

 The trunk of the tree has twisted a bit as it has grown.  Some little kid or punk decided to swing on a lower branch the first year, breaking it off.  I guess it gives it a bit of lop-sided shape.  The arborist has been carefully shaping the tree.  It is taking some time, a slow growth tree.

.. up close & personal to a bumblebee ..
.. up close & personal to a bumblebee ..

 The scent is heavenly and the sound of bumblebees fill the air.  See Geri, I do have a bit of a green thumb and vision.  Oh, and lots of satisfaction knowing I picked a beautiful tree.  Now if I had more time or if I made more time for gardening, I would be even more content.  Is that possible?

.. gorgeous roses ..
.. gorgeous roses ..


See, I am pruning the roses.  My friend and gardener, Phil passed away a year ago.  He patiently taught me how to prune roses, often doing it for me.  I miss him and his gardening advice.  Here ‘s  to Phil …  you taught me well.  How gorgeous is this flower?  Very!


Today is Saturday, going to curl mama’s hair and read a short story to help pass the time.  Enjoy your day and I hope you don’t have to work hard, it is the weekend.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    What a lovely post on a lovely garden ! We had a bush in our garden when I was growing up, we called it the snowball bush……but it was different than yours. Ours had huge fist sized blossoms, tiny flowers all in one place. I am going to have to look it up and see what it really was called. I like yours better though :)

    Phil would be proud of you no doubt – it is in things like your rose pruning that those who are no longer with us physically show they are very much still with us in spirit.

    Weekend ? Less work ? What ? Really ???? Off to do chores, go see my mom too.



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