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…big ride, day one

Very early wake  up call this morning, 4:25 am.  Off to Conquer Cancer today.  We arrived at Guildford Center bright and early on this overcast, cool breezy day one of Herb’s big ride to help find a cure. 

Here are a few stats –

1701 riders

$6.7 MILLION dollars raised

One (1) unicyclist  (I kid you not, I saw him coming into Tent City!) and two (2) low riders

A very long line of  privies

Approximately 10 – 15 cargo trucks to carry the rider’s gear

Volunteers, volunteers, & more volunteers, the back bone of charities

Breakfast, music, the usual VIPs, family and friends

It was a pleasure to meet up with the Horsman family, Doug and Kara are in the big ride.  We met Herb’s tent mate from Ontario while we were waiting for the ceremonies to begin.  Jerry from Toronto, riding for his mother, who lost the fight with ovarian cancer.  There are many cancer survivors riding in the big ride.  Many riding for those fighting the dreadful disease right now and all are riding to find the cure.

I was a bit teary by the time the riders left for Mount Vernon and tent city.  Jerry told us a story from last year’s Conquer Cancer ride in Toronto.  He saw a young woman about 28 or so, riding in a tricycle style bicycle.  She was and hopefully still is a cancer survivor, as she had a leg prosthesis.  At 7:30 PM that evening in tent city, the announcement came for the participants to cheer the last rider coming into camp.  It was the young woman arriving.  A survivor riding for herself and for others.  The spirit of the woman speaks to courage, the courage to continue living instead of hiding, the courage to embrace life, the courage to fight on and the courage to show the world the face of a survivor.  Teary stuff!

We stood cheering Herb on as he rode under the “welcome to camp”  banner.  It was a proud moment for our family to watch him ride in.  He is a little worse for wear at the moment, a bit of pain on the side of the left knee and a new bandage around the “training” scrape on the shin, but, happy, very happy he has accomplished the day one ride. 

Stay tuned for day two, the final day of the “Ride to Conquer Cancer to Seattle.”   Steve has a new Nikon with a telephoto lens.  There will be photos.  Cheers everyone and pray NO RAIN for  Sunday.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Wow what a day, what an event. I am so happy that things are going along well. Praying for NO RAIN !

    Enjoy !


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