Spinning Thoughts & Tales ~

Day two – the sun is shining!   I have not heard from the big rider yet.  We are hoping the knee holds.  It’s the old motorcycle injury in the left knee  that flares up once in a while.  He will need to stretch, stretch, and stretch before riding today, also a little advil won’t hurt.  Stay tuned!

A very Happy Father’s day to all the dads riding in the big ride.  We honour you for commiting to aid in finding a cure.

Yesterday, watching the riders come into camp, a few scenes stand out in my mind.  A young dad greeted by his young children and his wife with such love and tenderness.  A grandfather greeted by his grandchildren, holding a big sign they had coloured themsselves.  The joy on their faces spoke  to my heart.  The uni-cyclist riding into camp.  Wait until you see the photo of a the young man, you will be amazed.  Each rider arrived at camp with much the same look – “I did it.”   Well done, riders.

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