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Gotta have coffee! 

Hard to start off the day without it when  appointments and responsibilities are looming.  Thursday morning in the Starbucks drive through line up, I was not a happy camper.  Usually,  I am not a part of the morning commute.  I avoid it like the plague.  Who wants to sit in traffic to get to the office – not me, thank you.  So… there I was in the line up awaiting my turn and hoping the Knight Street bridge would not be jammed.  A  black  BMW car was in front of me.  I just happened to notice the car had a license plate I had never seen before.   A four digit number with a military head shots relief on the right side.   I am assuming it represented the military.   Hmmm, I thought, I wonder who and what and why….  I also noticed the woman driver had a great manicure.  (Women notice these things as we are observing life around us.)   She waved at me as she was driving away.  Hmmm… Do I know her?  No.

Much to my surprize, I was told she had paid for my coffee order. “Why?” I asked, a bit confused.  “People do that for others sometimes,” the perky cashier said.  “Once six people paid for the car behind before someone stopped paying.”   “Oh,” I said, still in a bit of shock.  As she passed me my coffee, I quickly said, “I will pay for the woman behind me.”  Miss Perky, said, “I love people.”   And so… just someone paying for my coffee lifted the cloud and I hoped the “paying  for others” would last for more than two customers.  

Cheers to the gracious woman who paid for my coffee on Thursday morning.   

We celebrated a happy Canada Day on Wednesday attending a family and friends BBQ.   We love to be around our kiddies, their friends and their babies.  It was a delightful afternoon. 

To our friends across the border – a happy 4th of July.   Enjoy the food, friends, family and fireworks. 

... California Sierra Mountain sunset ...

... California Sierra Mountain sunset ...




Pam’s golden California sunset to end the day – what glorious light.

Hope you had a wonderful day, full of all good things.

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  1. A couple of years ago, our Starbucks order was paid for. It was a girl from my church……..such a strange feeling, but at least I could thank her. I might have forgotten, but I think she left a note with the window girl for us to have a happy day. We did ! I am so glad you got to experience that, just when you needed it ! Since we have an inside Safeway Starbucks we usually go there now.

    Port Orchard has Starbucks, several in fact !


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