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…too busy to blog …

Too busy to blog!  At the shop with the contractors and the no-show contractors which makes me a not-so-happy camper.   Will be back in the land of blog tomorrow sometime

Family – yes, mama is doing fine.  Lorna and Colleen came for a visit.  All is well except for the staff dressing mom in a nightgown as a day dress ….  unbelievable, is it not?  Unless I am there every morning to supervise the morning “dressing” or at night to lay out her  clothes for the next day, these things will happen.  So… perhaps, we should be thankful mom cannot see very well.  There would  have been disgust and hell to pay.  As it was, mom thought it was a nice blue flowered summer dress.  Oh well.  

And now for something completely different ~  my crazy summer leopard toes.  I know… shake your head in wonderment, you know I cannot be the same old, same old.

... gold leopard toes ...
… gold leopard toes …


I was a bit bored one day… waiting for contractors.   Then I went shopping …..

... another view, another shoe ...
… another view, another shoe …

Brown’s has a shoe sale… lucky me….

Another pair of sandals. 

Hey… my first pair of sandals I have purchased this year…. and probably my last. 

Pretty purple … I think it is my new colour for 2009.    Off to Trevor and Kelly’s wedding now.  

Ta, ta!


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  1. Good morning dear girl,
    Those sandals are darling and I am jealous. I don’t “do” my toes any more, can’t reach ’em, and have not worn sandals for years. What a way to go. I get to enjoy all the cool things you do. A couple of days ago, I went to the post office in one of my house dresses. Your mom has nothing on me !!
    Looking forward to hearing about the wedding and maybe a picture of two.

  2. lilacacres said:

    Too busy to blog ?

    How could that happen ????

    I hear you Carol, same on this end !



  3. Well, My name is not Carol, but at least I signed off with a B. Pam just told me, as you know I am not up to par yet !!
    Sorry about that !


    • fromthecoastland said:

      Barb ~ funny you. I didn’t notice either. You wore a house dress to the post office….did you have your slippers on too? Perhaps you are becoming the eccentric lady known as “B.” Looking forward to seeing you in August.

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