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So… there we were at the wedding reception looking at the most beautiful vibrant red sunset and no camera.  Kelly & Trevor’s wedding was held at the UBC Boathouse, the bride – gorgeous, the groom – handsome, the girls – stunning in shades of pink and the guys…well-tailored elegance.   The guests –  we were all the epitome of style and grace.  A very lovely wedding of which I do not have any photos as I rushed out the door  to have a quick drink before the happy event.  Well, that will teach me to have only water!  Perhaps a protein drink would have helped.

A new trend in wedding receptions is not to have a sit down lunch or dinner, but, to have wait staff circulate with trays of appetizers while the happy couple are having photos taken.  After the photos are finished, the bridal party is introduced, a few speeches, a few toasts and the food stations are ready.  Guests eat and drink around tall tables, round tables or on the balconey seated on sofas.  (We were on the sofas – the neighbourhood gang of 10.)  A few more speeches and the dessert is brought out.  Delicious!  One offering – little round cheese cakes dipped in chocolate on a stick… mini adult popsicles.  Hmmm, so very good and no calories as you know… dancing the night away is a great calorie equalizer.  Too bad the Big Rider does not dance.  Oh well…. there was very good scotch for the gang, if you like very good scotch.  It must be an acquired taste…..

Tonight another vibrant red sunset – just not as stunning through the tree tops ~

... tree tops and a street lamp ...

... tree tops and a street lamp ...



Enjoy your evening … Sunday too.


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  1. What a lovely wedding you went to! I like that idea of not a sit-down meal. I think one reason you go is to circulate with the other guests and the bride and groom and the families. I like the sound adult popsicles ! What fun you must have had.
    xox, Barb

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