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…Mom’s day …

There are days when I miss my strong, vibrant mother, when the pain of watching her gets to be too much.  Today was just such a day.  The long-term care ward was very noisy, several residents lined up around the television, others sleeping in their wheel chairs and the odd one awake staring off into “who knows where land.”  A few were crying out in jibberish.  I hate seeing and listening to it. 

Mom was listening to CBC when I arrived.  Again I am so thankful she is in her own private room. 

Off we went, downstairs for the Sunday afternoon church service.  As I had not taken mom down for a few weeks, we went to the pentecostal service, next Sunday is the Baptist service.  A variety of churches come to sing and teach a short bible story.  Today was a rousing “old time religion” meeting.  It was listening to mom sing the old hymns from memory, when it struck me how as a little girl I would stand beside her in church as she sang her heart out.  Mom sang with such feeling today.  The church workers would open the song book to the hymn and try to give it to mom.  I have to shake me head, saying “she is blind.” 

Memories can sneak up on you so quickly.  They caught me off-guard today.  Mother is such a woman of faith.  She would sing or whistle at home while she was cooking or baking.  I always knew she was happy that day.  I bent down  to listen to her sing.  The words were so clear as she sang to the melody.   How I wish she could see the words.  It was difficult to not burst out into tears, to mourn the loss of strength and vitality as I watch her sit day after day in a wheelchair with little or no movement.  (Hey…. I held it together.)

Back in her room, I curled her hair.  She talked to Lorna on the phone.  Mom was on track with the whole conversation, asking questions and giving her ‘mother’ advise.  We had a few laughs before I left at dinner.  Family – it was a good day for your mother/grandmother/aunt.  I will say it again – the change in the meds has made a huge difference in her cognitive powers.   It was a good day for mom. 

... Lyn's sunset in Australia ...
… Lyn’s sunset in Australia …


Spectacular sunset from Coral Bay in Australia. 

My friend Pam, posted a sunset from her part of the world in northern California.  The two are so similar.  The beauty of sunsets…awe inspiring.

Go to Pam’s blog – Under the Lilacs Trees.   See the blog roll to the left.  


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