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I often describe Geri as my sister/cousin because she is more a sister than a cousin.  She is blonde. I am dark.  She has blue eyes. I have green.  She is petite.  I am not.  We both got in trouble for lying in the pea patch picking sweet green peas.  Somehow we thought our mothers could not see us in the garden, our bellies, elbows, knees and toes dirty from the brown earth.  In turn, our siblings were caught just as often as we were.  Some will say they never got caught for stealing peas.  Liars.  We all did it and we all got caught. 

My aunt, Geri’s mother had the largest and  best vegetable gardens.  Closing my eyes I can see the gardens, vast with colour and rich with vegetables and berries.  There is nothing quite like pulling a carrot from the earth, wiping dirt off on our shorts and savouring the fresh garden taste of a real carrot or any other vegetable.  Fresh nugget potatoes with a spot of butter on top, juicy red tomatoes….there is nothing quite as delicious as vegetables from a garden.  Hmmm.  

The vegetable garden or victory garden  is fast becoming a staple for many families now.  How many have discovered or re-discovered how delicious a fresh carrot straight from the ground tastes?  Or sweet berries off the vine?  How many have had the best of intentions to plant a garden but did not?  Geoff & Nicole have a double garden plot and have discovered the joys of growing and eating their own food.  Another trend is the 100 mile food challenge.  Only eating and drinking food from within 100 miles of where you live….could you do it

Having lost their beloved airedales to cancer this year, Geri and Ken rescued Gracie and now have Mack, a puppy related to the late great Robbie Dog.  Geri tells me Mack is already exhibiting some very Robbie Dog-like characteristics.  And he has sharp teeth too.  I heard a lot of “damn it, he bit me” or “damn it, they both bit me” coming over the telephone.  So cute, just like having a baby, well, sort of, in your fifties.   Ahhh…. better you than me, Geri. 

Introducing Mack , the airedale puppy at play ~

... Mack at play ...

... Mack at play ...


Mack, a very busy puppy… 

... Gracie & Mack, nose to nose ...

... Gracie & Mack, nose to nose ...


Gracie, nose to nose with Mack.  She can be a little rough with him.  They are learning to be best pals. 




Enjoy the heat and stay safe!


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  1. Since I am an older person, I remember lots of things happening way before lots of your readers were even born. The best thing I do recall was, my grandmother’s Victory garden in the 40′. Corn, tomatoes, beans, peas, lima beans, and trees that gave us avocados, figs, several kinds of plums. Grandpa had a wholesale produce market in downtown Los Angeles and he brought home fruits of all sorts which Mom, Aunt Ruth and Grandma ‘put up’. There were not things to freeze as there were no freezers. Come to think of it, there were food freezer lockers you could rent in Hollywood ( where we lived ). A friend of the family had one of those.

    Oh yes, the puppy is adorable and they will make great friends quickly ! I am so glad their family is filled out so well. Pets do so much for us !
    LOL and lol

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