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What is your morning ritual?  Do you have one? Do you have an evening ritual?

 My favourite morning quiet time  was a cup of coffee with the newspaper once the troupes left for school and work.  One son  must read his paper with coffee before he starts the work day.  A friend makes his wife a latte every morning.  Lovely way to wake up don’t you think.  Our neighbour goes for an early morning walk before work.  Others spent a quiet time with a cuppa,  ruminating on a written passage or just quiet reflection before starting the new day. 

I rarely read the paper in the morning now, switched to reading a book while I have a good cup of coffee, yogurt and fruit.  I still have a subscription to the paper on the weekends.  One must have a weekend paper to read.  A “must” Sunday morning ritual-watching CBC Sunday Morning while having breakfast. 

A ritual I had set aside was reading.  I have taken up the ritual of always having a book to read.   There are so many books to read and several old friends to re-read.    

My other new ritual…listening to the radio.  Music, music, and more music.   Of course, what is a Saturday without The Vinyl Cafe and Stuart McLean.  You must go see him “live in concert” when he comes to your town.  It is a must.    We now have a new Christmas ritual – tickets to the Vinyl Cafe in concert.

 I listen to CBC 2 while  working.  The television has been turned off.  One can only listen to the news for so long before it becomes a massive tape reciting the same story every half hour.  And the talking heads – some seem so angry.  Is that the new look in journalism?  If one is angry or fierce in expression, then they truly can report on the story.  

Walter Cronkite passed away this past weekend.  He was a man of integrity and honour, both in and out of the news room.  Do you miss a “Walter Cronkite” anchor?  Peter Mainbridge  appears to be just  such a man.  When he anchors the news, he speaks with authority and grace at the same time. It must be a gift.  Peter’s “One on One” interviews are a pleasure to watch as well.   Like Walter Cronkite, there is a sparkle in his eyes when he is amused.   A sense of humour-so important in life.

With facebook, twitter, internet surfing, newspapers on line, books on line, oh, just everything on line, including blogs, there is so much bombarding our ears and eyes.  How many have switched to checking the emails, blogs, facebook and twitter while having a meal?  Has that become your new morning ritual or one of the last rituals before bed? 

Someone once said they wanted a “kinder, gentler world.”   A “not so fast” world.  Is it possible?  Perhaps..we are so connected through various communication mediums, it does not seem possible for a “not so fast” world.  So.. I am just spinning a few thoughts tonight. 

Time for an evening ritual-checking my email…..

Hope you are safe, warm and loved in your corner of the world.

... peaceful evening ...

... peaceful evening ...

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